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3 Easy Hairstyles To Try While Your Hair Is Growing Back

06 August 2018
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Nicole Vince

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With a reputation for haircare wisdom and knowledge of the latest hair novelties, there isn’t a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

We all know and hate the awkward growing-out-your-hair phase. Francisco Peluqueros, Spanish Kérastase stylist and partner, says you don’t have to look as awkward as you may feel.

Here’s his most important thing to remember: “Patience will be the key to success.”

The best way to pass the time in style is to “change your hairstyle frequently so you won’t get bored—before you know it, you will have long hair again!”

Here are his three favorite cute and easy hairstyles for growing out your hair.

photo of half up half down hairstyle for growing out hair

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles

Stay patient while your hair is growing out by keeping things fun. Try incorporating braids and twists or place two buns at the top half of your head. A trendy top knot with soft waves also works for any length! To encourage faster hair growth, remember that hair care is crucial.

“If you want to have long hair it is very important to keep it healthy,” Peluqueros says.

Make sure you ask your stylist about their salon’s conditioning services. For professional care that you can take home, experts love Nectar Thermique from Kérastase: a milky leave-in formula that helps polish and nourish.

photo of updo hairstyle for growing out hair

Up Your Updos

Experiment with different types of chignons while working in some braids and twists to tuck away any short ends. You can pull your hair into a messy low bun or short ponytail, add a scrunchie for a retro look, or put your own stamp on the French twist.

“Play with strands, leaving them loose in the front or back of your head,” Peluqueros says.

woman with pinned back hairstyle

Camouflage Your Fringe

If you’re growing out your fringe, style it without volume to take the focus away from the uneven ends.

“Concentrate on hairstyles that make the fringe disappear by mixing it in with the rest of your hair,” Peluqueros explains. “You can use a holding spray like Kérastase Laque Noire to help you keep it out of your face.”

Don’t forget to find colorful headbands, pins or hair clips to help pin your fringe back.

For personalized advice about growing out your hair, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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