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17 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Long Hair

28 August 2017
woman with long brown braid

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Faux-hawk Braid

Achieving lasting volume at the crown is one of the most persistent problems long-locked girls wrestle with on a daily basis. Instead of accepting lifeless roots, French or Dutch braid back from the hairline until you reach the midpoint of the head. Switch to a standard braid, fastening the braid with a no-tangle hair elastic.

Half Up with Volume

For a cocktail party or particularly important event, make a retro-chic statement in a backcombed bouffant tied with a satin ribbon. The throwback look is polished and photo-friendly.

Ponytail with Crown Braid

We live by one motto: When it doubt, braid it. That’s especially apt for ladies with mermaid locks, since throwing them into a bun every day can get old surprisingly quickly. Instead of trying the same old style, Dutch braid just above your hairline and pin the resulting plait.

Romantic Twist Back

If you have a formal event on the calendar, skip your blowout appointment in favor of a sexy, easy style that will take you less than 15 minutes. Spritz sea salt spray into freshly washed hair, curling strands into loose ringlets with a one-inch barrel curling iron. Taking two sections from directly above either ear, twist until both pieces meet in the middle. Pin and go!

Side bubble braid

Ready to add a new technique to your braiding arsenal? Try the pull-through braid, which only requires a handful of elastics and clear tutorial. Instead of tying all your hair back, use this style for grown-out layers or bangs that just won’t behave.

Fishtail Half Ponytail

Fishtail braids are some of them most frequently Instagrammed hairstyles, and it’s easy to see why. They’re visually stunning and create the impression that you have a full-time staff of hair elves working away from an hour every morning. We love the style as part of a half ponytail, so you can keep showing off your lengths.

Double Dutch Pigtails

When the first heatwave of the summer rolls in, you may find yourself debating getting a pixie cut. Keep your hair off your sticky neck with double Dutch pigtails down your back—bonus points if you add fresh flowers into the mix.

Topsy Ponytail

If you’re a child of the ‘90s, you may remember a particular hair tool from the decade that was designed to artfully twist your ponytail. The gadget has gone out of style, but the look is still popular.

Beachy Braid

Whether you’re taking a tropical vacation or just feel like embracing your hair’s natural texture, we love the look of an extra-loose braid with loose pieces around the face. Paired with glowing skin and barely-there makeup, you’ll soon look like the ultimate beach babe.

Double-Twist Half Ponytail

In our humble opinion, the half ponytail will never go out of style. It’s flattering and simple, just the thing for almost any ensemble. This updated version requires you twist your first ponytail, then create a second and repeat.

Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid is always a win for women with long hair, particularly on occasions with a formal dress code. Instead of your outfit getting lost under miles of silky hair, this updo allows that mane to take a rare back seat in a visually appealing way.

Faux Side Shave

We often find that long-haired girls are prone to flighty impulses. After years of treasuring every inch, they’re struck with whims like chopping a bob or shaving an undercut. The faux side shave, which is really just a very tight Dutch braid, makes it easy to have your long hair while keeping it edgy.

Faux Bob

Long hair and curls can be an unruly combination, particularly if you’re taking the time to diffuse your mane every single day. Instead of breaking out the curling wand and perfecting each spiral, roll your hair up into a faux bob. It’s none of the commitment of a haircut, but all the fun.

Headband braid

We love the headband braid for its seemingly endless versatility, which makes it the ideal choice for the long-haired. Whether you’re itching to try out a Dutch braid or just a simple twist, start it behind one ear and end it near the other. Because the braid sits an inch or so back from your hairline, it’s flattering without being obtrusive.

Extra-Loose Braid

Long hair is undeniably sexy, so it’s a shame to always be pulling it back. If you’re looking to mix up your hairstyle, try and ultra-laidback braid. You’ll still have face-framing pieces and a little romance, but those lengths won’t be getting in your way anytime soon.

Wet-Look Hair

It may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but trying hair that looks freshly shampooed is surprisingly uncomplicated. After washing your hair, towel dry your lengths before applying a cream styling product. It’ll withstand any frizz, while still encouraging your hair’s natural body.

As a helpful last-minute styling tip, we’d note that wet-look hair is extra easy when you start with dirty locks. Instead of rushing to shampoo and dry your hair, you can just slick it back.

Growing out your hair always seems like a good idea—that is, until you have to make it look presentable for work or play. In a dream world, we’d always wake up to clean, manageable lengths, but reality is often more snarls than shine. However, easy, quick hairstyles for long hair do exist. Many of them are surprisingly chic.

To prevent a case of long hair blues, give our editor-approved hairstyling tricks a try. You’ll be surprised how versatile your mane can look, especially since it’s optimal for updos and braids. Focus less on the blow dryer and more on creative styling tips.

Twist Bun

We’re big proponents of the no-fuss updo, especially one that can be achieved with a handful of hairpins in the back of a taxi. Try your hand at a bun that only requires you divide your hair in two and twist the strands together before pinning them into a bun shape.

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