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The 3 Chicest Ways To Pull Off The Half Updo Knot Hairstyle

15 October 2018
half updo knot hairstyle
alex lazic

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Style is reaching new heights with the half updo knot hairstyle trend. Scroll down to see our favorite looks, as well as expert tips on how to pull them off from Ludovic Beckers, Belgian Redken Artist.

Time to get on top of these gorgeous looks whether you have dark brown hair or ash blonde!

half updo knot hairstyle

Volumized Half Updo Knot Hairstyle

According to Beckers, the knotted half updo is as effortless to pull off as it is flattering.

“A top knot is easy, it’s sexy, it’s feminine and young—and it always looks stylish,” he says.

That counts as five reasons to try a half updo knot hairstyle, and we’ll go for it. Get the volume you need to create this sleek look with Redken Guts 10 Volumizing Spray Mousse taking your knot to actual new heights.

Directly spray the product in generously at the roots, sectioning off your hair at the crown. Proceed as if you were about to tie this section into a messy ponytail but leave it looped on the last twist, creating an effortless bun. And voila, top knot perfection!

half updo knot hairstyle

Wavy Half Updo Knot Hairstyle

We love the effect of a wavy half updo knot, which is especially striking on shorter hair.

"For the office, straight hair always works, looking professional," Becker explains. "On the weekend, though, wavy hair symbolizes freedom and pleasure."

Get your curls twirling with Redken Curvaceous Curl Refiner and let your hair down for maximum style points.

half updo knot hairstyle

Half Updo Double Knot Hairstyle

What’s better than one half updo knot hairstyle? This playful look hits all the right notes, mixing a middle part with cheeky double buns. Embrace your inner wild child with this festival-inspired look that does all the talking. Go get them buns, hun!

Top your look off with these half updo knot hairstyles and you'll be glad you did.

Interested in trying a top knot of your own? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you and take advantage of those personalized tips.

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