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15 Headband Ideas To Upgrade Your Mane For Any Occasion

25 July 2019
headband ideas
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Ever since hair accessories made their way back from our forgotten beauty drawers, they’ve taken the hair world by storm. We can get enough of hair clips, barrettes, scrunchies, and the most practical of the bunch: headbands. Headbands are not only super easy to slip on during those extra lazy, bad hair days, but also a low-effort way to give your mane a bit of flair.

Wondering how to make a headband work for you in 2019? Whether you’re looking to tame your post-gym hair or channel your favorite Upper East Sider, keep scrolling for 15 of the best headband ideas for 2019. We promise—whether you have ash blonde hair or dark brown locks, these picks will look stunning on you.

The Best Headbands To Buy In 2019

headband ideas

ASOS My Accessories Black Padded Headband

Just as a little black dress is a staple piece of your wardrobe, a black padded headband is a classic hair accessory you need in your arsenal. If you’re prone to headaches from headbands that tug on your hairline, padded headbands are one of the best pain-free options!

ASOS My Accessories Black Padded Headband, $13.00 MSRP


headband ideas

ASOS Design Hot Pink Satin Padded Headband

Now that you’ve got the staple padded headband, it’s time to try the accessory runway style! This oversized hot pink design will instantly take your padded headband look to the next level.

ASOS Design Hot Pink Satin Padded Headband, $9.50 MSRP

headband ideas

L. Erikson Braided Headband

Let this thin, braided headband stand on its own or wear a few of them together for a more bohemian look.

L.Erikson Braided Headband, $18.00 MSRP

headband ideas

Tasha Crystal Headband

Add a touch of sparkle to your special occasion ‘do with this crystal-embellished headband. It comes in gold and silver to easily match all of your jewelry.

Tasha Crystal Headband, $28.00 MSRP


headband ideas

Anthropologie Raffia Headband

If you’re already obsessed with raffia sandals, hats, and handbags, this knotted raffia headband is the statement-making accessory you need.

Anthropologie Raffia Headband, $24.00 MSRP

headband ideas

Forever 21 Velvet Twist Front Headwrap

Is it a bit too early to upgrade your fall and winter accessories? We think not—and no fabric pairs better with chillier weather than velvet. Opt for a luxurious velvet headwrap to kick off your collection.

Forever 21 Velvet Twist Front Headwrap, $3.90 MSRP


headband ideas

ASOS Design Crown With Shell And Pearl Detail

Seashells for hair are in (thanks to a particular reality star and makeup mogul), and this delicate, seashell-embellished headband is the perfect way to dip your toes into the oceanic trend.

ASOS Design Crown With Shell And Pearl Detail, $16.00 MSRP


headband ideas

Urban Outfitters Tijuana Tie-Back Headband

Whether you’re sporting loose beach waves or a breezy low ponytail, this striped tie-back headband makes for the perfect finishing touch.

Urban Outfitters Tijuana Tie-Back Headband, $12.00 MSRP


headband ideas

Anthropologie Dolce Silk Headband

Red lipstick is a must-have for any girl, and the same goes for a red headband. Whether you’re heading to a romantic date night or dinner with friends, this silk red headband is great for tying any look together.

Anthropologie Dolce Silk Headband, $58.00 MSRP

headband ideas

Kitsch Silky Stretch Headband

Boxer braids and high ponytails are cute and all, but for the days when you’re feeling extra blah about your pre-gym hair, you need a headband to save the day. Incorporate this workout-friendly fabric into your gym hair routine for a comfortable and stylish way to keep your mane in check.

Kitsch Silky Stretch Headband, $16.00 MSRP


headband ideas

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Jelly Headband Set

We love a nostalgic moment and these thin jelly headbands are about as ‘90s as it gets. They also make it easy to pull your hair back while giving your strands a pop of color.

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Jelly Headband Set, $5.00 MSRP


headband ideas

Forever 21 Woven Twist Front Headwrap

This budget-friendly twist-front headwrap is guaranteed to make any hairstyle look stunning—especially if you’re working with second-day strands!

Forever 21 Woven Twist Front Headwrap, $4.99 MSRP

headband ideas

L. Erikson Metal Dot Headband

For those days when you’re going for glam (but not too glam), this slim metallic design is all you’ll need to make any hairstyle pop.

L. Erikson Metal Dot Headband, $18.00 MSRP

headband ideas

Lele Sadoughi Knotted Headband

Cheetah print is back—and this chic knotted headband is a great way to sport the revived trend in style!

Lele Sadoughi Knotted Headband, $65.00 MSRP


headband ideas

Forever 21 Comb Headband Set

If bedazzled bobby pins and scrunchies aren’t for you, opt for another ‘90s-inspired hair accessory that is making a major comeback—comb headbands. If you’re looking to try the trend for yourself, we love this comb headband duo.

Forever 21 Comb Headband Set, $3.90 MSRP

Interested in more hair accessory ideas? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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