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How To Stretch A Blowout For An Entire Weekend

31 January 2018
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It’s disheartening when you get hooked to the amazing look of a blowout then worry about its practicality. If not done right, blowouts can easily fall flat after the first day. Rodney Cutler, New York-based Redken stylist and brand ambassador, shared his secrets about how to keep your blowout looking its best for an entire weekend.

To begin with, maintaining a blowout comes down to the right styling tools and techniques, according to Cutler. Start by buying a boar bristle brush.

“They’ve been around since the beginning of time, but there’s a reason for that. They help create tension in a healthy way that keeps the hair polished-looking,” Cutler says.

This style of brush will not only help you control the shape of your blowout with ease, but also distribute your natural hair oils down the strands to help manage build-up. Oily roots are a direct threat to the longevity of your blowout.

It’s also important to take your time shaping the blowout—your patience will pay off. When styling, make sure that the section you’re working on is completely dry before moving to quickly the next layer.

“It is critical that you actually let the hair cool down on the brush. If you don’t there will be a little bit of moisture in the hair still and that moisture throughout the day will collapse the blow dry or make it revert back to its natural texture,” Cutler explains.

In other words, rushing through will only hurt you later on! Use a narrow concentrator nozzle which will better “direct the air from the roots to the ends” to cut some drying time without sacrificing the look.

Once you’re done blow drying, add the right finishing touch. In Cutler’s experience, when many clients want some extra shine in their blowout, they’ll layer in oil. Fight the urge to slather on the oil! The better top-off to your blowout would be his favorite fine mist, Redken’s Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray.

“I use it during fashion shows, I use it on clients,” Cutler adds, emphasizing the product’s versatility.

Cutler also relies on the Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender by Redken. For a textured finish, he also recommends lightly tousling the hair with a small amount of Redken Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder.

“You’ll get a little extra out of the fullness without having to go back into the blow dry phase,” he says.

When you’re out and about, there are few key things to remember. First, steering clear of humidity is key.

“The moisture in the air will revert everything,” Cutler says. “You want to keep your hair in as dry of an environment as possible.”

It’s impossible to avoid humidity in every situation, but try to plan ahead by picking and choosing when an extended blowout would be the best style for the occasion.

As tempting as it is to touch your hair throughout the day, rearranging your blowout when you think it’s out of place will do more harm than good.

"The more rubbing of the scalp, the more oil you’re going to attract and the more it’s going to run through your hair,” Cutler explains. “So keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible.”

Use these expert tips to keep your blowout in tip top shape during the work week or any event-filled weekend!

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