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4 New Ways To Elevate Your Ponytail Game

31 January 2018
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Our trend watch shows that styled ponytails are in. Delphine Courteille, L'Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador, shares her professional styling tips that will help you showcase these trendy new ways to wear your ponytail.

photo of shiny sectional ponytail

Shiny Sectioned Ponytail

A sectioned ponytail looks seriously put together.

“It's all about creating the ponytail layer after layer,” Courteille says. “Apply hairspray onto each layer before brushing it down and tying into a tight ponytail so that no hair can escape.”

Try Tecni.Art Extreme Splash from L'Oréal Professionnel for this look.

fashionable model with gladiator head wrap

Gladiator Hair Wrap

Focus on your natural feminine beauty. Fold the tail of hair, then secure with elastics in a crisscross design.

"Add a touch of fragility to the ponytail by leaving the baby hair free at the front and temples,” Courteille says. She loves gliding L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium 3 Hairspray over the hair for a lovely sheen on those runway wisps.

photo of fashionable model with ponytail cuff

Thick Ponytail Cuff

Boost the vibe of your sporty look by adding a long, skinny cuff onto your ponytail. There is creative freedom with what you can use and how you wrap it. Keep an eye out for metallic cuffs at your favorite stores.

photo of fashionable model with grungy high ponytail

Grungy High Ponytail

Live the rock-and-roll lifestyle with a voluminous high ponytail that has a disheveled textures like When in doubt, try trendy crimped hair.

“Before, we would crimp the entirety of the hair, but now it’s more subtle and is only done in part, usually starting halfway down the hair,” Courteille adds. “The idea is to have two contrasting textures.”

Boring ponytail no more with these adventurous styles.

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