The 5 Best Straight Hairstyles to Try Now
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5 Straight Hairstyles We Love

30 October 2017
woman with straight hair staring at the camera on pink background

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

When it come to daily hair styling, we have a theory that it’s simpler for straight hair than any other type After all, straight hair is basically the blue jeans of the mane world. Long or short, it braids well and can be cured to perfection. When it comes right down to it, cool hairstyles for straight-haired ladies are totally attainable.

Save this page on your phone to pull up during a day when your phone alarm mysteriously never goes off. We’ll happily serve as mane-spiration for the best (and easiest) hair day you’ll ever have. Here are five of our favorite styles.

half up

Half Up

Half up styles are probably the only kind we’ve been consistently wearing since our days on the kindergarten playground, but we can’t help it—this look showcases length but also pulls annoying strands away from the face. It’s ideal for a work day that becomes a happy hour night, particularly if you’ve applied texturizing spray before pulling the top half of your hair back.

braided top knot

Braided Top Knot

Been there, done that half up style? Show off your hair styling talent and take the look up a notch by creating two Dutch braids from the hairline to the crown of the head. Twist your remaining strands into a top knot, artfully pulling pieces the bun so that it looks lived in. We’d recommend using a no tangle elastic that's the color of your hair for this style so that it doesn’t draw any attention away from your braids.

blunt ends

Blunt Ends With A Middle Part

The arrival of the lob was a blessing for ladies with straight hair, particularly after so many years spent trying to achieve those elusive beachy waves. Ask your stylist for length that hits directly below the chin or at the collarbones, thinning out your face and visually elongating your neck. With this look, blunt ends are key. You’ll be visiting the salon every six weeks or so for a slight trim, so consider that before you go in for the big cut.

lived in bedhead

Lived-In Bedhead

If you’ve been gifted with heavy, thick hair that looks nice but refuses to hold any curl whatsoever, you’re not totally doomed to a life without texture. Start with a mane of any length that’s been parted down the middle. Add a high quality texturizing spray to your roots and throughout your strands, using your fingers to rub the product into your mane. The result will be a slightly voluminous, less-than-perfect finish that brings surprising style to your stick-straight hair.

mermaid hair

Mermaid Braid With Extensions

There’s been a serious shift to healthy, natural-looking hair after the complex beachy waves of the past decade. If you took the leap and invested in clip-in extensions way back when, you shouldn’t have to toss them in the garbage. Instead, add them to your hair for fancy updos and work-appropriate braids. Whether you decide to fishtail braid or take a more traditional route, adding more hair to a plait is always an impactful idea.

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