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Textured Low Updos: How To Wear This Chic, No-Effort Style

26 November 2018
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You heard it here first: Textured low updos are just the kind of cool and effortless hairstyles we all dream of. This no-fuss style is the perfect mix of chic elegance and fun, making it suitable for all occasions!

Cindy Duplantis, Canadian Redken artist, lets us in on all the tricks of the trade to help create the textured low updo that’s a fit for your lifestyle. Whether you love a deep side part or more androgynous haircuts, you'll be able to make these updos work for you.


What exactly is texture?

First thing's first: Let’s cover some basic hair terminology. You’re more than likely familiar with volume and the quest to achieve it, but what about texture?

For me, the difference between texture and volume comes down to the fabric of the hair,” Duplantis says. “Volume is soft, flowing, and airy, and gives you a lot of lift off the root and height, whereas texture is more piece-y and edgy. You can have a mix of both volume and texture."



How To Encourage Texture In Your Hair

To create textured hairstyles, you need to alter the feel of the hair.

“When trying to achieve texture through your cut, it’s all about over-blending your sections,” Duplantis explains. “I think a graduated cut definitely helps. What’s important to know is to be wary not to thin your hair too much. You still want to have the bulk in your hair there—once you start taking away too much of your hair, it can’t stay together to make a textured piece."

With that in mind, the next step is creating your textured low updo!

“Texture can be more natural, but if you’re not using the proper product at home then it’s going to be harder to achieve that fuller, textured look," Duplantis adds.



How To Create Textured Low Updos

Your stylist is key in the creation of textured low updo—especially since it all comes down to styling products and knowing how best to use them.

“Communicate with your stylist on how to achieve volume and texture at home because a lot of the time the texture is going to be achieved when you’re styling,” Duplantis recommends.

To create a textured look, you need volume first. Then you can build on top of it.

Duplantis recommends adding texture by using a root-lifting formula at the top of your head close to the scalp. We love Redken Guts 10, a volumizing spray mousse that can help give you height where you need it most. A blow dryer and a paddle brush can help to set it.

After this step, Duplantis uses Redken Powder Grip 03. This powder helps to provide texture, keeping the hair loose and free-flowing. It can help give your updos enviable movement and shape.

All that’s left is to create your perfect hairstyle. We love the look of a double braid textured updo which comes together in a bun. It's the ideal canvas to show off a gorgeous ombre!

Alternatively, there’s the no-fail textured chignon, a sophisticated twist on a timeless classic, or a simple bun, which always has plenty of character. Once your hair is texturized all you need is a hair band and some clips to tame any textured flyaways. Easy!

Take your texture to the next level with this gorgeous, low-maintenance style!

Looking for personalized tips about styling textured low updos? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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