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Comeback Of The Curl: Why You Need Hair Rollers For Perfect Curls

16 April 2018
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Sarah Bondoc

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Sarah is a Paris-based American journalist who has a passion for hair and beauty.

Did your mother or grandmother rock funky hair rollers back in the day? You might also recognize them from films made during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Regardless of where you’ve seen them, perhaps the word “outdated” comes to mind. However, we’re happy to share that rollers are back!

Ivan Barreda, Spanish brand ambassador for Kérastase, talks about the comeback of the roller and how you can perfect your curls with your hair stylist’s help.

A Hair Blast From The Past

Hair rollers have a long history. These pastel-colored hair barrels have been around since the 1930s and were one of the first modern styling tools ever created. With retro trends making their way into the present—think ‘80s film remakes and ‘90s high waisted jeans— it was only a matter of time before retro-inspired hair trends came into the mix. From the street to the catwalk, “we are constantly taking everything from the past in terms of fashion, and hair is always connected to the fashion,” according to Barreda.

Don’t let age fool you—the hair roller proves its styling power, no matter the decade!

Hair Rollers Vs. Curling Irons

So do rollers prevail over curling irons? For professionals, there is no winner. It all depends on the curl you want and how much effort you want to put in. According to Barreda, more stylists are using rollers in their salons because they “give the hair high gloss and finish without weakening the hair.”

Even if they went out of style when new beauty technology took over, hair rollers have always delivered when it comes to performance. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you use on your hair as long as the end result is exactly what you wanted! So why not give it a try in the salon?

More Rollers, More Hairstyles

We love that you can choose different rollers—magnetic, plastic mesh, flexi-rods, brush rollers, foam rollers, velcro rollers, snap-ons—for different looks! Hot rollers available at the salon can ensure total heat coverage and consistent shapes to your curls, Barreda explains. Small barrels create tighter, more plentiful curls, while velcro ones mean soft, blowout-like waves. Not sure which one you want? Have no fear. Your stylist will know what type of roller is best to achieve your desired look.

How To Get The Perfect Hair Roller Curls

“Start from the top when putting in your hair rollers. Doing this will give you volume at the roots, waves at the sides and a soft bounce,” Barreda explains.

To get the perfect roller look, ask for your stylist’s assistance. When prepping your hair, your stylist may apply a little L'incroyable Blowdry by Kérastase beforehand to ensure your mane is ready for styling. As a finishing touch, you should always use hairspray that has a strong hold without the heaviness or sticky residue.

Don’t be afraid to change up your curl game with the help of your hairdresser! Your hair will thank you for keeping it exciting.

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