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8 Gorgeous Fashion Week Trends That Are Actually Wearable

19 February 2019
two models from claudia li and ph5
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As the sun sets on the last day of New York Fashion Week, we can’t help but reminisce about all of the stunning looks that sashayed down the runway. This year, couture met coiffure and left us wondering how we can achieve these perfectly crafted hairstyles. Luckily, we got the lowdown from all the top hair industry experts and—spoiler alert—you can totally recreate these looks in the comfort of your bedroom.

If you’ve been itching to amp up your style and stand proud for functional fashion, keep reading for this year’s best fashion week hair trends. Even those with the trendiest asymmetrical haircuts will be in awe of your new look.

Fashion Week Hair Trends For Fall/Winter 2019


woman with gorgeous big curly hair

Big Sexy Hair

At the Fall/Winter 2019 Sherri Hill show on February 8, the vibe was all sex appeal. Amid the bedazzled gowns and dragon-encrusted jumpsuits, celebrity stylist and Matrix ambassador Paul Anthony styled models’ manes into looks that put the emphasis on the va-va-voom of it all with oversized blowouts and Matrix hair products on models of all hair colors—from ash blonde hair to dark brown hair.
After prepping the hair with Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner, stylists applied Style Link Volume Body Builder to help create volume the roots without any crunch. They set it with the blow dryer, using Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray to help keep hair damage to a minimum. Anthony’s biggest tip is to build volume at the roots while drying, pulling each section up and drying it at the root to help create extra lift. Once the hair was fully dry, the stylists curled small sections with a curling wand before rolling them up toward the scalp and securing them with hair clips to set.

Anthony’s ethos is all about natural-looking hair. That means locks so soft the models could walk the runways with confidence. If a curl moves, let it move!

“Even if the wave starts falling, let it fall. Let it do what it’s going to do,” Anthony explains.

If you start to see any unruly hair at this point, copy the stylists and use Shape Switcher Molding Paste to keep those curls controlled. Spray a hairspray formula like Volume Fixer Hairspray all over the pinned curls, then brush them out for lovely, feminine curls that don’t feel too polished.

Anthony even recommends taking the style one step further if you try the look in the comfort of your own vanity mirror.

“You can always shake it and walk out the door,” he says. “It’s easy and it’s fun.”

Interestingly, this isn't the first time we've been advised to keep a weather eye out for the return of long, bodacious hair in the year ahead. Christina Merry, Kérastase artist, echoes Anthony's sentiments.

"Everybody wants to have longer hair by either adding extensions because they do not want to wait for it to grow, or they're using different product lines out there," she explains. "You can also have that stronger longer hair without having to spend a lot of money on extensions through proper hair and scalp care."

closeup of crimped hair from ph5

Chic Crimp Out

Who says crimped hair is old news? At PH5’s Fall/Winter 2019 fashion week show, Rodney Cutler, Redken brand ambassador, drew inspiration from the classic storybook about a girl who takes a trippy adventure and crafted a crimped look with elements of 1970s texture.

The brand was talking about the theme...that just tells me that the look should be fun, expressive, and a little kooky.

Each of the models sported long, crimped hair with fake full bangs. According to Cutler, the fringe is meant to act as a strong silhouette that ties the entire look together.

“Fashion shows to me are about telling a story,” he says. “She’s mysterious, she’s looking through her bangs, they’re sort of hitting around the bridge of the nose. Then, it has that sort of airy texture. It’s a modern play on ‘70s hair.”

To recreate the look, apply the Cutler Volumizing Spray throughout your hair and blow dry it straight. Then, using a medium-sized crimper, begin crimping 1-inch sections of hair starting at your ends and working your way up to your roots. Once you’ve finished crimping all of your hair, add your fake bangs and crimp them using the same technique

Apply a few spritzes of the Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray and complete the look by brushing through the hair to create an airy texture.

close up of model's hair at claudi li

Subtle Texture

Fashion Week is when most designers and hairstylists show off their most eye-catching and outrageous designs, but Claudia Li and Rodney Cutler decided to do things a little differently this year. Instead of overwhelming the runway with sky-high updos or down-to-there extensions, the Claudia Li Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show was all about natural, subtle texture.

“The overall theme of the texture is natural, a little bit more of a matte finish,” Cutler explains. “The styles I create for Claudia are absolutely some of my most wearable styles.”

While models usually head down the runway with tons of styling product in their hair, Cutler decided to keep the look very simple—even opting not to style a few of the models' hair at all.

“I use Cutler Volumizing Spray and Redken Fashion Work 12 and this time we’ve incorporated the Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray,” he says. “Then I use a 1.25-inch curling iron to create a really strong curl or a buckle...Women with short hair are just flaunting their haircuts.”

Describing the subtle look as the “no-makeup makeup” of hairstyles, Cutler says the look is effortless to recreate.

“To create that natural look, it’s really about how you vary the sections,” he explains. “Working with one section, I’ll create a spiral and ribbon the hair. Then I turn the iron vertically and I leave the ends loose and what happens is it starts to drape and you get a ‘70s sort of soft wave when you brush it out.”


Spring/Summer 2019

wet look fashion week hair trends

Wet Look Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of when her iconic brand started dominating runways around the world. Palau was along for the ride during the London Fashion Week SS19 show, creating a simple, slicked-back wet look to match the chic yet practical aesthetic of the brand. 

The hair reflects a minimal idea of beauty...It’s very rich, but a simplistic idea of beauty. Victoria’s clothes are so exquisite that the idea of simple hair adds an ease of luxury to the overall look.

To get the look, start by cleansing and conditioning your hair with Redken Color Extend Magnetic Shampoo and Conditioner. Blow dry your hair straight back while giving it a little lift around the front to maintain volume. Use a 2-inch curling iron to create natural texture and movement throughout the hair.

Apply layers of Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry and Redken Fashion Work 12 starting at the top of the crown and working your way back towards the back of your head to maintain the slicked-back shape. Use a wide-toothed comb on each layer to maintain the marks, and clip your hair by your ears. Spray a few more spritzes of Redken Fashion Work 12 to hold the look in place.

Allow your hair to completely dry before removing the hair clips. For a final touch, add a splash of Redken Shine Flash 02 to add shine and hold.

1960s hair accessory fashion week hair trends

‘60s-Inspired Hair Accessory

Palau is well-known for capitalizing on nostalgic styles and throwback hair accessories for the runway. For Prada’s SS19 show he pulled inspiration from the 1960s, styling each model with a boyish, sleek ponytail paired with an oversized leather headband.

Every girl is wearing an exaggerated leather studded headband, which gives a nod to a sixties good-girl but it’s so exaggerated with the leather and studs that it can feel futuristic. I used the headband to hide putting a small bang in...Every girl has a short fringe that gives it a boyish, toughness, rebelliousness. It’s funny how it changed their faces and they become different personalities and then with the headband, it’s a real strong silhouette.

Inspired to try the look yourself? Begin with clean and conditioner hair by using the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner system. Apply a generous amount of Redken Satinwear 04 from mid-lengths to ends and blow dry your hair away from your face.

Pull your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Apply a light spritz of Redken Forceful 23 to hold the look in place.

Add a hair extension of your choice to the front hairline and trim it into a short fringe. Use the headband to cover the tracks of the hair extension.

beach waves fashion week hair trends

Drenched Beach Waves

Even with colder months on the way, we’re still completely obsessed with beachy hair. For Calvin Klein’s NYFW SS19 show, Palau took beach waves to the next level by creating undone, half-drenched waves.

Start with clean, dry hair and apply Redken Guts 10 to your hairline. Create a side part. Wrap a thin elastic around your head and hold it from the back at chin level. Soak your strands with water and apply Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt Leave-In. Avoid letting the product go above the elastic line to create a harsh water line between your wet and dry hair.

To complete the look, drench your ends with water and scrunch them with your fingertips for a deconstructed feel. Complete the look by removing the elastic.

low ponytail fashion week hair trends

Boyish Low Ponytail

When it comes to low ponytail styles, there’s no shortage of popular looks to choose from. You can go messy and effortless or sophisticated and chic. During this year’s London Fashion Week, Palau decided on a boyish, combed-back variation of the low ponytail for Christopher Kane’s SS19 show.

There is a little bit of boyishness to the Christopher Kane look today...which I think is becoming a bit of a trend this season.

To recreate this look, start with freshly-washed and conditioned hair by using the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner system. Apply a bit of Redken Guts 10 throughout your mane before blow drying your hair away from your face to create lift and direction.

Apply a generous amount of Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry to the front and sides of your hair. Using a wide-toothed comb, comb your hair back and across to create a boyish look.

Spritz on Redken Fashion Work 12 as you style to add a soft hold to the look. Secure a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck with a hair elastic. Spray Redken Shine Flash 02 throughout the hair to create a glossy appearance.

quiff fashion week hair trends

‘80s-Inspired Quiff

The mullet isn’t the only ‘80s-inspired hairstyle making a comeback this year. Palau drew inspiration from the iconic era during Escada’s NYFW SS19 show, creating a brushed-back, boyish quiff.

For this look, start with clean, dry hair and side part your hair with your fingers. Apply a small amount of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam from the root to mid-lengths of your hair. Blow dry towards the back of your head.

Use a 2-inch curling iron to create natural movement throughout the hair. Complete the look with a few spritzes of Redken Wind Blown 05 around the hairline and crown for volume and texture.

Claudia Li and PH5 photos by Jane Kratochvil. Interested in more expert styling tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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