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How To Style A Flower Braid And What To Know About This Boho Updo

07 August 2018
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Wedding season is happening. If you’re searching for an elegant hairstyle, we’ve got your back—the flower braid has caught the attention of many romantics. This blossoming ‘do is sure to turn heads and land you compliments at any wedding or festival. 

Importantly, there are also many takes on how to do a flower braid. Cristina Cebado, Spanish communications and media director of Cebado Salons working with Kérastase, offers us a simple how-to and advice on making the style even more sublime.

How To Style A Flower Braid

There are countless ways to style the flower braid. You could spend hours scrolling through Instagram, exploring the endless variations! One of the best components of this style is the flexibility you have to be creative. For this tutorial, we’ve chosen a straightforward half-up flower braid. Although it’s simple to create, this flower braid still feels elegant. Interested in amping it up? Seeing a stylist is a good idea since they are updo experts.

This style is prettiest with a comfortable, beach-wavy base. Try Kérastase Aura Botanica Eau De Vagues for the perfect post-surf texture. 

Twist two small braided sections from either side of your head into a little ponytail and secure it at the back of your head with a clear elastic. Braid the small ponytail in a classic three-strand plait and secure it with a clear elastic.

Take your braid and twist it around in a circle. Try having the top of the braid as the outside of the ring and work the end of the braid toward the center. This way, the outer edges can remain fuller.

Secure your little flower braid with bobby pins and grab a mirror to admire the beauty you’ve just created!

Amp Up Your Flower Braid Game

The boho-themed flower crown has definitely been trending. Whether or not we have Snapchat to thank for that, we love it. 

“In recent years, brides have ditched the rigid, traditional look to get closer to nature and to the indie bohemian trend,” Cebado says. Whether you’re on your way to a three-day festival or you’re attending a wedding, adding a flower crown to your flower braid is a blossoming combination. Flowers on flowers on flowers!

Flower braid pro tip: With your hair already done in a beautiful, half-up flower braid, strategically pin flowers of your choice throughout your mane using bobby pins. Try to avoid symmetry, as just one flower on each side of your head might look a little odd.

If you need additional inspiration, head on over to your stylist for a fresh take on the blossoming knot. The simplicity of the flower braid can be rocked on its own or taken to the next level with the aid of a pro.

“Of course, we believe that it will always be a better result if the updo is done by a stylist,” says Cebado.

Ready, set, blossom! 

For more personalized tips on flower braids or to book a professional styling appointment, use our salon locator to book time with a hair expert near you.

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