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How To Style The Perfect Bun In Less Than 5 Minutes

27 December 2017
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Whether you want to achieve the perfect ballet ballerina bun, a more laid-back style or simply a ‘do that can get you out the door as quickly as possible, there are a few basic steps to follow to make sure you know how to style the perfect bun every time—all in a time-friendly five minutes.

From the correct brushing technique way to the fixing spray, keep scrolling to be able to add this versatile updo to your speedy hairstyle arsenal.

00:00–00:30: Brush until smooth.

First and foremost, you’ll need your locks to be manageable to shave off the minutes. Gently brush your hair until you are rid of all knots and tangles—the smoother your tresses are, the sleeker the bun will look. Gianni Coppa, Matrix expert hairstylist in France, suggests using a boar bristle brush to help avoid creating a static effect when brushing your hair.

To get a head start, you can also use a leave-in conditioner for beautiful locks.

00:30–1:30: Texturize for more volume and hold.

To make your hair more cooperative (a big bonus when you’re in a rush) use a texturizing spray, such as the Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Hair Spray from Redken. Not only will your bun hold better, the formula will enhance waves and add beachy texture.

Gianni Coppa uses Matrix’s StyleLink Texture Builder Texturizing Spray to obtain a similar result.

“It will style your hair while keeping it in place,” he says of his experience using the product. “But not too much if you wish to create a messy bun, for example.”

1:30–2:30: Ponytail it.

Decide how low or high you’d like the bun to sit—that’s where the ponytail is tied. It’s a strategic decision: Higher will look chicer with a prima ballerina edge, while heading lower will create more laidback look. Once you’ve decided, smooth back your tresses with a brush or your fingers and tie it up.

2:30–3:30: Twist and secure.

Take your pony and twist it around the base; the tighter the twist, the tighter the bun. If you’d prefer it more relaxed, then make sure you leave it a little slack. Then, use a pin (or several for a more disciplined ‘do) to secure the loop.

3:30–4:00: Camouflage the structure.

To make your look seamless and conceal your bun’s secrets from its onlookers, use your ponytail’s end to wrap and cover the elastic. Then, tuck another pin just below the bun.

4:00–4:30: Adapt the bun to suit your style.

If a boho vibe is your aim, then simply pull out a few strands with your fingers. For an illusion of volume, make the bun look larger by pulling it out a little. For a modern update, try adding a stylish bun cuff.

4:30–5:00: Spray to hold.

Once there are no improvements to be made and you’re ready to start the day bun held high, don’t forget to give the entire creation a quick spritz with a hairspray such as L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Infinium 3 Strong Hold Working Spray. You’ll be ready to go from dawn ‘til dusk!

There you have it: your perfect bun, achieved in a rush-friendly five minutes!

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