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This Flat Iron Is Perfect If You Never Remember To Turn Yours Off

syiron smart flat iron

If you’re heat-styling lovers like us, you’ve probably made the mistake of leaving your hot tools on for a bit too long. You’ve finished styling your hair in the morning, rush out of the house to begin a busy day at work, and you suddenly have a terrible feeling that you may have left your flat iron running back at home.

If leaving your flat iron on is a constant worry for you, this Kickstarter campaign may be exactly what you’re looking for. Meet the Syiron flat iron, the first-ever straightening tool designed to turn off from anywhere.

While some existing flat iron models have auto shut off options, they usually take about 45 to 90 minutes to completely turn off. House fires can occur in just a few minutes, however, so the creators of the Syiron flat iron came up with a way to eliminate that worry for good.

The way it works is simple—by downloading the free app on your phone, you can control the Syiron flat iron from any place at any time by connecting to your home’s WiFi.

The app enables you to so do much more than merely controlling the on and off feature. If you step away from the hot tool for too long, an alert is sent reminded you to turn it off. You can also double check that it’s turned off, set up an auto shut-off option with a timer, and adjust the temperature.

If the Syiron flat iron piqued your interest, you may be wondering—how exactly can you make it a part of your hot tool collection? While we would love to get our hands on the Syiron flat iron as soon as possible, the product isn’t available for purchase just yet. The Kickstarter campaign just launched a little over a month ago. The good news? The product already has 71 backers who have helped them raise over $5,000 towards their $75,000 goal.

Potential backers can donate any amount of money they want to the campaign. However, giving more than $10 comes with a few perks you may want to take advantage of. A $75 donation will score you an early-bird rate and the color Syiron flat iron of your choice. If you donate $165 or more, you’ll be sent two Syiron flat irons. Donations of $200 or more will be able to specially customize their Syiron flat iron.

Interested in turning the Syiron into a reality? Check out their Kickstarter Campaign and Instagram for more information on how to donate. The campaign closes at the end of September.

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