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6 Real Women On Why They're Thankful For Their Hair

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This holiday season, we’re taking the time to be grateful for the beauty rituals that keep us grounded, the hair tutorials we finally mastered (yes, that is a perfect fishtail braid, thank you), and those extra inches we were finally able to hold onto without breakage alongside all the normal ones—family, health, home.

The fact is that for many of us, a stylish haircut is key to our self-esteem and how we look at ourselves in the mirror every day. This Thanksgiving, we asked real women what hair care goals they were thankful for this year—and got a whole range of answers! Read on to see what makes them happy to participate in thanks-giving for their hair.

I’m Thankful For: Natural Hair That Lets Me Try Any Style

The best part of going natural is finding out that curly hair is just the beginning! Whether you’re experimenting with passion twists, hair extensions, or wigs, the hair world is your oyster.

“I love my hair because it gives me the opportunity to be versatile. With natural hair, I can rock a wash-and-go, a top knot or even straighten my strands for a sleek look. And when I don't feel like styling my hair, I can opt for protective styles like wigs and extensions to promote growth and maintain a healthy mane.” - Tatayana Y.

To learn more about making the transition to natural hair, check out: How To Take Care Of Natural Hair: The Complete Guide

Good hair day by @joana_martinho_hairartist.

I’m Thankful For: Stunning Color That Grows Right Out Of My Scalp

Every head of hair has its own issues—thinning hair, dryness, you name it—but it’s important to find something you love about your mane anyway. In this case, it’s that dark brown hair color saving the day!

“I borderline hate my hair, so much so I'd consider shaving it and starting over if there was a chance it would grow back thicker and healthier. That said, I do love my natural dark brunette color and that (knock on wood) I have zero gray hairs to date.” - Lauren M.

We have good news: Brunette is making a big comeback, so that shade is guaranteed to stay in style. To learn more about our favorite brown hair trends, check out: Best Of Brunette, Our Favorite 2019 Hair Color Trends.

Good hair day by @joana_martinho_hairartist.

I’m Thankful For: Color-Depositing Products That Help My Color Last Between Appointments

Hair color technology keeps evolving—as does the way we care for it! If 2019 was anything, it was the year of color-depositing shampoo from purple to blue. And let us be the first to tell you: Blondes and salon-lightened brunettes are thankful.

“This season I am thankful for purple shampoo! This product has changed the way my color looks, keeping my blonde fresh and bright in between salon appointments.” - Savannah M.

Reading this and wondering why purple shampoo isn’t already sitting in your shower? Read 13 Color Depositing Products To Keep Your New Hair Color Shining Bright.

Good hair day by @thecurlcollectivephx.

I’m Thankful For: Hair That I’ve Cared For Through Alopecia

Women with thinning hair take great pains to style it and baby it, making sure the strands that are left are healthy, vibrant, and well-cared for. If you’ve battled alopecia or any form of hair loss, you know what a victory your hair is!

“I'm just thankful to have hair! Since dealing with alopecia the last few years, I'm and genuinely thankful for every strand of hair on my head.” - Jelani A.

Feeling like your hairline is more sparse than it used to be or that your crown is more visible? Take a look at our full guide to hair thinning: Read What Causes Hair Thinning In Women And The Best Ways To Hide It.

Good hair day by @brooke.frankham.

I’m Thankful For: Styling Tools That Make Every Day A Good Hair Day

If you were a preteen with big poofy hair or uncontrollable frizz, you probably remember the miracle of sitting in front of your mirror with a flat iron for the first time. Twenty minutes of work for smooth, glass-like strands? Count us in!

“The love that I have for my hair comes from the magic of a flat iron. It took me years to find a balance between straightening my naturally frizzy hair and keeping it healthy. When it's properly blown out and straightened, its volume and smoothness make me feel great!” - Allie C.

Once you’ve done the work, you’ll want to know how to keep it looking good. So we’ve got you covered: How To Stretch A Blowout For An Entire Weekend

Good hair day by @jessscissorhands.

I’m Thankful For: Hair That Hangs On, No Matter What I Try!

Being a beauty lover doesn’t always mean treating your hair the way it deserves! We’ve slept on rough pillowcases, neglected to wash as often as we should have, and tried some dubious at-home hair experiments over the years. To our follicles, we’re deeply sorry and we promise to make it right. Thanks for hanging in there!

“I’m grateful for how resilient [my hair] is from many summers spent in chlorine-filled pools, the rebellious neon colors of high school, and the total lack of attention during all the late nights in college.” - Kait L.

Got hair that feels more like ramen noodles than actual curls? Read our official guide: Stylists Say: Can I Still Dye My Over-Processed Hair?

You’ve voiced your thanks, now give your hair a treat! Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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