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Long Bob Hairstyles That Prove This Cut Is A Classic

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So, you’re the proud owner of a bob or lob (long bob, to hair insiders). The haircut makes you feel flirty, sexy, and refreshed—that is, until day six or so. About a week into the style is comes the moment when you really start pining for your old ponytail.

No fear, short-haired ladies. We have a whole new set of go-to styles that will keep you looking stylish. Whether you’re just grabbing a coffee or headed to a black tie affair, there’s a long bob look that’s right for you.

Ringlet Curls

Short hair should never limit your personal style. We love the idea of doing something wild with a long bob, like pinning hair into tight curls overnight before setting them free. Don’t be afraid to brush them out, either, providing extra volume and disco-era panache.

We’re fully aware this style takes both time and energy, so make sure to get multiple days out of your look. After you wear the curls free and wild, pin half of them into a topknot while letting the bottom free. Voila, instant updo!

Straight and Sleek

If the phrase “flat ironed hair” brings back memories of the early 2000s for you, you’re not alone. These days, however, pin-straight hair is back in style—albeit with a few key updates. If you’re looking for a perfectly flat lob, blow dry your hair with a root-boosting mousse or product aimed at amping up the volume. Using a round brush, curl your ends inward.

As a final touch, tease your bob a little at the crown and tousle the hair. Instead of feeling dated, you’ll be surprised at how modern your short hair can be. Pair this style with a chic cocktail dress for instant bombshell status.

Pigtail Braids

We’re all about the double braid, which also happens to be an easy way to hide hair that’s in an awkward stage of growing out. The best thing about this particular style is its versatility. You can end each braid with a pigtail or change up French braids for their Dutch equivalent.

Here’s another pro tip: Shampoo, condition, and dry your hair. Apply a little volumizing or texturizing spray, then French braid both pigtails back. Depending on the oiliness of your roots, leave the style for one or two full days. Then release, and let those beach waves fly free.

Top Knot

The ubiquitous top knot is basically the dark wash denim of the hair world: It works with everything and it always looks appropriate. Whether you’re dealing with grown-out roots or just exited the salon with a fresh color, the top knot will show off your style in the best possible way.

Here’s another idea we love: Start a crown braid across your forehead, then bring the braid to meet a bun about halfway down your head. It’s a dressier take on the top knot, one that might even be appropriate for a wedding or upscale dinner.

Half-Up Boxer Pigtails

After weeks of trying, you’ve finally perfected the Instagram-perfect messy wave. For all that effort, you should definitely be able to get more than one wear out of the style. On day two, divide your hair into sections before Dutch braiding the top into equal pigtails.

If you’re a fan of hair jewelry or have always thought about giving it a try, this style is the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone. Paired with a beaded headband or a handful of modern metal clips, these pigtails practically beg to be taken to a festival.

Barrel Curls

Bouncy, wavy hair is the perfect accent to any outfit, particularly if those curls are just a little disheveled. Bobs and long bobs can often fall limp, so it’s crucial to have a few styling tricks up your sleeve for bad hair days.

Using a one-inch barreled curling iron or wand, give small sections a curl before pinning each up with a hair clip. Be sure to wind each curl up to your scalp carefully, ensuring that it keeps its shape, before giving it a light spritz of hairspray. When you’ve totally finished, let the hair cool before releasing the pins and finger-combing your curls out.

Bouffant Half Ponytail

If you’ve tried to pin back a bob, you know it’s a nearly impossible task. There are too many stray pieces around the neck and hairline, and one is almost always slipping out at the worst time. Instead of battling your ‘do all night, choose a half-up style for a formal occasion.

We stand by the backcombed bouffant as the world’s most perfect party hair. Because the teased hair adds height to the style, you’ll look perfectly photo-ready (and won’t have to touch your hair all night).

Twist Half Ponytail

Here’s a simpler variation on the half-up style, one that’s ideal for weekend brunches and lazy days. It’s even heat-free! We’re nothing if not advocates of sleeping in an extra 15 minutes, so this look is ideal.

After shampooing and conditioning your bob, towel dry it and apply anti-frizz or air-drying cream throughout your lengths. Once most of the moisture is gone, twist back two sections from directly above your ears and pin them. The result is soft, textured hair that takes barely any time to style and sits comfortably all day long.

French Braid Half Ponytail

Do you like the easy-going aesthetic of the twist half ponytail, but need a little bit more oomph in your look? Instead of simply pinning the two strands, hold them in your hands while pulling a third strand from the back of the head. French braid downward, securing the half ponytail with a hair elastic. Gently “pancake” the braid, loosening each loop to create a more natural-looking style.

Messy Waves

Barrel curls aren’t for everybody. Some women would much rather have a breezy, laidback-looking wave (think your natural hair, but better). To achieve that, start with clean hair and a narrow curling iron. Taking small sections, curl them in the same direction around the entire head. Then, give the waves a healthy serving of hairspray and tousle them.

Because this look is so quick and simple, we love it for weekdays. Put on a podcast and get to curling—before you know it, you’ll have boss-lady waves that are the envy of your office.

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