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One To Watch: Mattison Perron, Kérastase Artist

26 October 2018
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If there’s one thing you should to know about Mattison Perron, it’s that she says yes to just about anything. Over the course of her 12-year career, the hairstylist has a good head start on doing it all. From working runways at New York Fashion Week to traveling the country as a Kérastase educator, it seems there’s nothing she can’t do.

Though Perron has accomplished so much in her career already, she’s just getting started.

Her Background

Like many stylists, Perron had no idea that hair would one day be her greatest passion. As a college student who loved to socialize, she knew she wanted to work in a field where she would be able to interact with all kinds of people.

“I like working with people and I figured I would give beauty school a shot...It would be 10 months and, if I liked it, I would have a career. If not, I would be better at self-maintenance.

It didn’t take long for Perron to realize that the industry was the perfect fit for her. In her words, she “fell in love” with styling hair and hasn’t looked back since.

“Three weeks into beauty school, I was sure this is what I wanted to do....I understood it on a different level than I ever thought I could and I just rode the wave from there,” Perron says.

Perron is now a sought-after stylist at Hush Hush Salon in Manhattan Beach, CA, where she’s been for 11 years.

Her Passion

After a decade in the business, Perron’s drive to satisfy every client that walks through the door is as strong as ever. What she loves most about working in the industry, however, is the variety. 

“I love all of the different avenues in the industry you can take...A lot of people think just because you do hair, you only stand behind a chair all day and that’s far from the truth,” Perron says. “I really love the ability to give back to your clients, make them feel beautiful, and to connect with them in a way that most other professions can’t.”

While the time she spends in the salon is a huge part of her success, Perron’s dedication and skills go far beyond her work behind the chair. As an educator for Kérastase’s technical team since 2011, Perron travels the country passing on her knowledge to other stylists and salon professionals.

“They were putting together an education team when they first developed the whole idea and they reached out to my boss at my salon and were looking for someone eager to give back, who was able to travel, who had a flexible schedule...I just kind of fit into all those categories. I was already teaching cut and color classes at our salon and my boss knew I was interested in education. I took full advantage and tried out for the team,” Perron says.

Because she’s so inspired by styling, Perron never wants to limit herself to just one specialty. When asked what her favorite salon service is, she can’t simply pick just one. Perron admits that helping women go through a drastic hair change inspires her the most, whether it’s switching up their color or chopping off their length.

“I try not to pick because I don’t ever want to stop investing the same energy into something else,” Perron explains. “I do live in Southern California and we do a lot of long blonde hair...So I think I really thrive on something when I get to be a little more creative. Someone who wants to go short, who wants a big change.”

Her Advice

If you’re looking to start a career in hairstyling, Perron’s advice is simple—just say yes. 

“Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Even if it’s something you might not think you’re interested in or might not think you want to do, you never know until you try, especially when it comes to hair...Say yes to almost every client that wants to come into your chair,” Mattison says. “You never know where your career could go, who you’ll meet, and how just one opportunity can change the path of your career.”

Follow Perron on Instagram Book an appointment with her at Hush Hush Salon in Manhattan Beach, California at its website or call 310-372-2600.

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