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The Secrets Behind Emily Ratajkowski’s Hair, According To Her Stylist

07 May 2019
photo of kerastase ciment thermique and emily ratajkowski

Emily Arata

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Nobody does drama like Emily Ratajkowski (and Emily Ratajkowski’s hair). The music video bombshell meets model meets internet feminist icon showed up on the pink carpet on May 6 with a mission: bring a Las Vegas showgirl to life in the most fashion forward way possible. Showing off her bonafide eight-pack abs and glowing tan, Ratajkowski’s glittery ensemble made quite a statement...but we were having trouble taking in her gown because (like always!) we were studying her hair.

The crimped, voluminous red carpet ‘do on dark brown hair was created by celeb stylist and longtime Ratajkowski collaborator Jennifer Yepez using Kérastase products. Even if you don’t have a chorus line to get to, this style is a surefire knockout. Keep reading to find out exactly how to steal Ratajkowski’s style.


How To Get Emily Ratajkowski’s Hair

Every celebrity hairstyle begins as a sketch on a scrap of paper, which is why the extremely beautiful and famous often choose to work with pros they know and trust. Yepez and Ratajkowski have had a relationship for years and even collaborated on the latter’s hair for 2018’s museum-approved red carpet. When it came time to come up with a campy style idea, they settled on the best of the best: an outfit inspired by a 1970s Cher and designed by Peter Dundas.

"We were inspired by Cher’s looks in the ’70s and wanted to embody the gala’s camp theme while paying homage to an icon who wears camp so well," Yepez explains.

The most dramatic part of the look? An oversize feather headdress that framed both sides of Ratajkowski’s face and presented a major styling challenge. In this outfit, hair isn’t the main event—but it also has to mesh with the rest of the costume. Yepez’s solution was adding extra hair, using halo-style hair extensions from the brand Hidden Crown Hair.


There’s a lot of heat styling that goes into red carpet looks, so Yepez set up Ratajkowski’s hair for success by priming it with the brand’s Ciment Thermique, a heat-activated reconstructing milk. To ensure the hair never fell flat, Yepez prepped with Kérastase’s volumizing Mousse Bouffant and Volume In Powder Texturizing Spray.

"We went big with the hair, and a texture spray was key for this," Yepez explains. "The key to this look is making sure Emily’s natural hair matched the extensions, which were really used to make the hair look full and voluminous."

Using a 3/4-inch curling iron, Yepez curled the hair in alternation directions to avoid so-called "cookie-cutter" curls. After all the curls were in place, Yepez sealed the style with Laque Couture, a micro mist fixing hairspray.

Looking to channel Ratajowski’s big hair in your own life? Be sure to get your beauty rest. This model’s hair keeps her hair healthy with the help of Kérastase’s Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum, an overnight beauty sleep nourishing serum for dry hair. In no time at all, you’ll have the hair (and confidence) of a supermodel.

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