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You're Going To See A Lot Of Fergie At Matrix Destination

25 January 2018
photo of Fergie for Matrix

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

The Duchess now rules over Orlando.

We’re not talking about any member of the English royal family, but rather pop superstar Fergie. She’s set to host at Matrix Destination 2018, the brand’s four-day hair extravaganza in Florida.

The award-winning singer, TV show host, and beauty icon is will play host at the opening celebration on Sunday, January 28. As the new SoColor Cult Icon, she’ll join a community of mega-talented stylists and colorists to celebrate innovation and craft.

“We are so excited to be collaborating with Fergie as the SoColor Cult Icon. She loves taking risks with beauty and fashion trends and is always looking for inspirational, edgy ways to express herself,” says Paul Schiraldi, Matrix VP and general manager.

photo of Fergie

Destination enables hair professionals from all over the country to participate in presentations and classes hosted by Matrix artists who’ve revolutionized their industry. Celebrity colorist George Papanikolas will be present, as will television’s Tabatha Coffey and master stylist Dilek Onur-Taylor. Danielle Keasling, Nick Stenson, Michelle O’Connor, and Robert Santana round out the all-star roster.

The conference will include a high energy opening night party, followed by two main stage presentations and six hands-on classes. Four classes are specially tailored to small businesses, helping salon owners reach their goals. Finally, there will be a full day of four elective hands-on classes in a smaller group setting.

While Fergie won’t be performing a musical act this time around, she will be in attendance at the opening presentation's after party. DJ Brandi Cyrus—also known as DJ Confetti—will keep the celebration moving.

For more information about Matrix Destination, visit Matrix Professional.

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