How To Get Jessica Biel's Hair Color From The Emmys
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Here's How To Get Jessica Biel's Honey Gold Emmys Hair Color

19 September 2018
Jessica Biel hair color Emmys

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

When you’re a celebrity, you’re usually known for either your looks or your acting career. Luckily, actress Jessica Biel has both on lock. On September 17, the actress walked the red carpet looking nothing short of ethereal with a fresh honey gold hair color to match.

Wondering how to get your hands on a Jessica Biel hair color this fall? We talked to Tracey Cunningham, Redken US ambassador and acclaimed celebrity stylist, who created the reflective shade for the actress’s first ever nomination using Redken Shades EQ. Biel was nominated as Best Movie/Limited Series Actress.

Whether you have dirty blonde hair or chestnut hair color, get ready to mimic Biel’s golden glow.

First, you should know that Cunningham is known for her dedication to creating hair color over time with her clients. There’s no sudden black-to-platinum transformation here, but rather a steady progression from dark shades into glowing blondes. That’s part of the reason celebrities fight for her time.

[Honey gold is] a hair color we’ve been working to create for a while. It beautifully complements her skin tone and gives her the perfect L.A.-girl vibe.


Indeed, Cunningham says the best hair color results from long-term planning. That’s part of the reason it’s so important to find a stylist you love and establish a relationship with them.

“Jessica has been a longtime client, so her look was achieved over time, and we can shift the specific formulas at each service to get her to her desired end result,” Cunningham explains. “Depending on your natural or starting color, this look could take several appointments, so always chat with your stylist ahead of time so you can be prepared for the time and monetary commitment.”


While Biel’s honey gold shade works for a red carpet setting, it’s also an excellent fit for her regular life. As a mom, she can’t be running to the salon every week to touch up her roots.

“Jessica is a busy working mom—always on the go. Her hair color needs to be low maintenance to get her from school to work to a big event,” Cunningham says.

While we can’t all afford to have a celebrity stylist color our hair every month, Cunningham has a few tips for achieving (and maintaining) a lookalike version of Biel’s color. When you’re headed into your next color service, bring a photo of Biel’s hair with you as a reference point.

“Always bring a picture! Describing a hair color with a visual reference is hard, and you want to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page,” she says.

Your stylist may tweak Cunningham’s honey gold creation to best suit your skin, but you’ll be in agreement about the final goal. Let your stylist work slowly to preserve your hair health along the way. When the shade is finally done, make sure you’re guarding it against untimely fading at home.

From the L’Oréal portfolio of products, the celeb stylist has a few favorite picks.

“Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner like Redken Color Extend Magnetics is crucial to preserving and protecting hair color,” Cunningham says. “When you don’t have time for full highlights, a quick gloss service with Redken Shades EQ will help provide a boost in color, condition, and shine—perfect for maintenance in between appointments or before a big event.”

When in doubt, consult your stylist about the best way to keep your Biel-lookalike hair color vibrant and beautiful between salon appointments.

Interested in trying honey gold for yourself? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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