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It's National Hair Day, So Here's Exactly How To Celebrate It

01 October 2018
photo of woman with long brunette hair national hair day

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

One of the single best parts about working in the beauty industry is the chance to connect with millions of readers who love hair as much as we do. At, it’s pretty clear we’re obsessed with all things cut, color, and style-related. We’re not sharing these trends into a void, either. Every day, we read dozens of comments from people like you, sharing the topics that interest you now and the ways your hairstylist makes you feel inspired (both in the chair and between appointments).

October 1 is National Hair Day, which means it’s the perfect chance to review all the topics that make such a unique hub for inspiring, relevant mane inspiration. Whether you’re coloring virgin hair for the first time, are trying grey balayage, or are worried about potential hair damage, we have your back. Every hair texture, length, and color is welcome here, regardless of concerns, damage, or financial constraints.

If you’re looking to ring in National Hair Day by getting a fresh cut, start out by visiting our salon locator. While you wait to confirm that appointment, take a peek at our Salon Spotlight series, which highlights unique businesses working to provide their clientele with the most flattering styles. We also invite you to take a peek into the lives of hairstylists by reading our One To Watch series, which details the paths our favorite stylists have taken to achieve major success in the industry.

More in the business of saving inspiration to your phone than actually booking an appointment right now? We, too, live vicariously through aspirational hair content we see online. Check our color, cuts, and styling categories for customized hair picks. You’re bound to find a look to suit every skin color, face shape, and maintenance level—and bonus points if you’re reading this with your hair done up on a second-day top knot!

As if all of that is not enough, is also here to address any hair problems you’ve been silently wondering about. From dandruff to hair loss and going gray, the most experienced stylists in the business are here to answer your questions. We also recommend the newest and most effective products, the ones that are worth investing in. Whether you love editor’s picks or are just curious about the latest hair happenings, there’s surely a product guide that suits your needs. With the holidays on their way, you may even want to start doing a little pre-Thanksgiving scouting of the gift landscape.

Once you’re all caught up on the best fall hair colors and the like, take it easy on yourself this National Hair Day. Pop on a deep conditioning mask and do some online shopping for salon quality products—you deserve it. Don’t forget to thank your stylist for beautifully done hair the next time you see them, either.

If National Hair Day inspires you to try something new with your mane, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you. 

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