Salon Spotlight: Cutler SoHo In New York, NY|
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Salon Spotlight: Cutler SoHo In New York, NY

13 April 2018
photo of stylist cutting hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

A salon that feels like home is a rare thing. In a city as big as New York, those spaces are extra important. Instead of feeling rushed and pressured into your newest cut, you want a location with professionals who’ll work with you to understand your daily routine and find a look that embraces it. That salon is Cutler SoHo, a New York City hair institution since 2005.

Looking for a new go-to salon? Keep reading to learn about the story behind Cutler SoHo, as well as the products and services you can expect within.

The Location

Founded by Australian stylist Rodney Cutler, the SoHo (that’s south of Houston Street, for the uninitiated) salon is a large, bright space with lots of natural light and the feeling of a spacious gallery. That’s fitting, considering the area made its name as a favorite spot of artists and collectors alike.

We wanted to represent the neighborhood and feel like an extension of the large art galleries and lofts in SoHo...At first we really embraced that creative communal environment by having one long table where everyone worked. Over time, the salon has grown and gotten busier so we've adapted the space to have more individual stations in a neutral, clean space, which reflects the changing landscape of the neighborhood as well.

Rodney Cutler

In an era largely defined by how spaces look on social media, Cutler SoHo is a dream backdrop for selfies and before-and-after shoots. The sunlight and oversize mirrors create an Instagram-friendly aesthetic.

The Brand

In a city packed with hair salons, how do you stand out? According to Cutler, the salon’s success is largely due to its founding ethos: Everybody deserves good hair.

“First and foremost, we want our salon to be approachable. We cater to all demographics of New York clients, from school teachers to supermodels,” the celebrity stylist explains. “Cutler is a craft-driven brand that’s creative and approachable at the same time. [It’s] cool in its relevance and it connects with the broader elements of New York culture.”

Whether you’re an amateur hair guru trained by YouTube or just a woman who thinks she might want balayage for the first time, Cutler is the place to get that cut or color. It’s more than just the environment you’re getting—it’s some of the biggest up-and-coming artists in the hair industry. One day a stylist is trimming your hair and the next your favorite celebrity is casually tagging him or her on social media. If you’re interested in feeling like part of the scene, you can do no better than Cutler SoHo.

Of course, SoHo isn’t the only Cutler location in the city. The collection of salons includes Cutler Park Avenue, Licari Cutler on Fifth Avenue, and Cutler Brooklyn, the newest addition to the family. Wherever your day in the city takes you, there’s a salon nearby.

photo of Cutler Salon in Soho New York

The Artists

Of the 50 stylists on staff, Cutler believes it’s the unique expertise and creative passion of each that sets the salon apart.

“I think it’s about the collection of stylists and colorists who are unique and authentic in their creative offerings, with a core value of foundational hair training,” he says. “Regardless of your personal style and desired aesthetic, you can come in and find a stylist or colorist that reflects that.”

Trendsetting artists like Ryan Pearl (@RyanPearl23) and Melissa Perizot (@melissawillcutyou) routinely make beauty headlines for their artful, effortless cuts and unique color. Appointments for some of the most popular artists are made weeks in advance—and with good reason!

The Products

Once you’re in the chair, the biggest question looms ahead: What products will the stylists use? We all know that fragrant, effective product can make or break even the most technically advanced cut. Have no fear! Cutler carries an eponymous line of professional products. The Cutler Volumizing Spray and Cutler Specialist Protectant Spray are particular fan favorites.

You should also expect to see plenty of Redken products within the salon. Rodney Cutler has worked as a brand ambassador for the classic salon name since 2002, helping to promote new launches and educate customers all over the world. Your hair is in good hands.

The Services

If you’re in need of a cut, color, or customized in-salon treatment, Cutler SoHo is your one stop shop. The salon offers male and female haircuts ranging in price from $100 to $200, depending on hair length and the complexity of the cut as well as the skill of the stylist. For those who are in need of a blowout before a special event, expect to spend $65 to $85 on a blowout. Bridal or special occasion hair will run you anywhere from $150 to $300.

More of a color girl? A single process color will cost between $100 and $125, while a double process is closer to $200 or $300. Top it all off with a $70 gloss to bring out that brilliant new color! If you’re interested in keratin treatments, perms, or extensions, schedule a consultation with your stylist of choice for a price estimate.

The Details

Cutler SoHo is located at 465 West Broadway, New York. To book a hair appointment, visit or call 212-308-3838.

Follow Cutler’s latest and greatest trends on Instagram and Facebook @cutlersalon.

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