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12 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Black Women

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Your wedding day is arguably one of the biggest days of your life, so it should come as no surprise that you want to look your absolute best. If you’ve bought the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories but have no idea what to do with your hair—we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the most stunning bridal hairstyles for black women, and they’re guaranteed to get you tons of compliments on your big day.


We love an elaborate updo as much as the next bride. Seeing as your gorgeous dress and beaming face is going to be the center of attention, however, your wedding is the perfect time to keep your ‘do simple and let your natural texture shine. Use your favorite hair products to create a flawless wash-and-go that will look stunning under a tiara, veil, or sans hair accessories.

If your natural curls don’t have as much definition as you’d like, use a curling iron or flexirods to create super defined curls.

Sleek Blowout

A sleek blowout is perfect for the minimalist bride. The style is simple, elegant, and looks perfect under any bridal hair accessory. To ensure you blowout lasts through your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and after-party, we suggest using the Mizani Thermasmooth line.

Begin by washing your hair with the Mizani Thermasmooth Shampoo and Conditioner. The formula is enriched with Mizani’s C3 Smoothing Complex which infuses nourishing coconut oil, fortifying ceramide, and surface polishing agents into the hair to soften and help start the smoothing process.

Evenly distribute Mizani’s Thermasmooth Sleek Guard Smoothing Cream throughout your towel-dried hair to help control frizz, followed by Mizani’s Thermasmooth Style & Style Again which provides heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit before blow drying and flat ironing your hair. Finish your look with Mizani’s Thermasmooth Shine Extend Spray to polish and lock in shine while resisting humidity.

Crown Braid

You could wear one crown on your big day—or you can wear two! Style your hair in a voluminous crown braid before topping it off with a glittering tiara fit for a queen.

Slicked Back Texture

If you’re a fashion-forward bride who wants a hairstyle straight from the runway, this slicked back look is perfect for you. For this look, you need to begin with clean, dry hair. Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear and secure the hair from the bottom section with a hair elastic.

Working in small segments, evenly distribute gel throughout the front of your hair, applying a gel such as Redken’s Hardware 16 Sculpting Gel about an inch from the root. Once your roots are completely saturated with gel, untie the bottom section and comb your hair straight back.

Allow your clean, dry hair to flow down your back to provide a nice contrast against your wet roots. Allow the gel to dry completely to set your look. Add bedazzled bobby pins to the sides of your hair for added bridal flair.

Embellished Pixie

You don’t have to do anything to your hair to really feel like a bride. All you need are a few killer hair accessories! From fresh flowers to bedazzled hairpins, there are dozens of ways to dress up your pixie for your wedding day.

Low Ponytail

Ponytails aren’t just for the gym. Simply swapping your usual high ponytail for a low one takes your style from casual to sophisticated. Upgrade your ponytail for your big day by adding lots of texture and topping it off with a killer hair accessory.

Blown Out Pixie

This sky-high pixie is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their hair accessories to a minimum. The volume and height of this gorgeous pixie are bound to turn heads and look amazing in photographs of your big day.

Pin Curls

This 1930s-inspired hairstyle is perfect for any bride looking for a style that is elegant and sophisticated. Complete your 1930s look with a birdcage veil for the perfect finishing touch.

Voluminous Ballerina Bun

You may not be able to live out your elementary school dream of being a ballerina in real life, but you can absolutely channel your inner ballerina on your wedding day. This chic bun will stay put all night and looks stunning with a tiara.

Big Volume

As the saying goes, go big or go home. What better day to go big than your wedding? To pull off this look, you’ll have to stock up on volumizing hair products to ensure your hair looks as voluminous as possible. Begin by washing and conditioning your hair with a volumizing system like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Volumetry Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with salicylic acid and HydraLight, the anti-gravity effect system leaves hair looking volumized, cleansed, and lightly moisturized.

Next, section off your hair into several manageable segments and spray L’Oréal Professionnel’s Volumetry Anti-Gravity Effect Volume Hairspray on the roots and lengths of your towel-dried hair. Then, blow dry your hair as you usually would. Use your brush in an upwards motion to create extra volume at the roots.

To get larger-than-life volume, we suggest breaking out an old-school hair tool: hot rollers! Set your locks in jumbo hot rollers and allow the rollers to cool completely before removing them. Once you remove them, rake your finger through your hair to loosen up the curls and set your style with a firm hold hairspray like Pureology’s Lock It Down Hairspray.

Loosely Curled Updo

Start at the back of your head, working with 2-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Apply a heat protectant like Mizani’s Style and Style Again to each section before wrapping it around a 1-inch curling wand. Hold each section of hair to the wand until it’s just heated through.

Once you’ve curled your entire head, run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls. Remember, you’re going for a perfectly imperfect final look. Use your fingers to gently rake your hair back and away from your face and begin to pin the curls loosely to form a messy chignon. Set your look with a firm hold hairspray like Pureology’s Lock It Down Hairspray.

Goddess Braid Updo

Who says braids aren’t wedding appropriate? Channel your bridal goddess with a larger-than-life goddess braid updo. Because their massive appearance defines goddess braids, the style often requires stylists to add extra hair so the braids to look as full as possible. As with most styles that require adding extra natural or synthetic hair, it is best to let a professional install the braids to ensure they don’t damage your natural hair.

Interested in a bridal hair consultation? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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