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11 Iconic 1960s Hairstyles To Try In 2024

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The 1960s were a remarkable decade. Its first years signaled the end of more conservative 1950s styles and introduced copped cuts, dramatic volume, and hair accessories galore.

Mod wasn’t the only movement to define the decade, however: Flower power and free love meant longer, less polished styles that placed emphasis on air dried texture. Women also flocked to copy the vampy, undone hairstyles seen in French New Wave cinema.

Looking to draw inspiration from the decade that brought us everything from the most iconic first lady of the United States to hippie culture? These 1960s hairstyles have you covered.


When you’re wearing a bouffant, friends may wonder what’s hiding under all that volume. The answer, friends, is always hairspray. With the help of a rattail comb, backcomb and spray thin horizontal sections of hair at the crown before smoothing the topmost layer into a sleek shape.

Flippy Bob

We’ve been seeing quite a few bobs on models lately and the 1990s have gotten all the credit. Let’s not forget that the classic style made an impact in the 1960s, helping many ladies transition from their midcentury perms into something a little more modern.

Full Bangs

Whether you’re hiding a forehead or placing focus on those cheekbones, full bangs are the hairstyle that works for everyone. Fair warning, though: Bangs require regular maintenance and daily styling to keep their shape. Only sign up if you’re committed.

Ribbons And Bows

We can’t get enough of satin and velvet hair accessories—and we have the 1960s to thank for that. Tying off any style with an embellished bow makes it seem just a bit more feminine. Pair your ribbon with a bouffant for a true time period homage.

Pixie Cut

When the pixie cut was first introduced, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Half a century later, we still feel exactly the same way about it. Instead of getting buried under extensions and braids, cut off that excess length and create a sharp part. Cropped hair can be sexy, too.

Full-on Updo

Updos are a holdover from the 1950s, when many women organized their lives around weekly salon appointments. Instead of learning to style their own hair, they trusted professionals to set their manes in buns and twists that wouldn’t budge. Emulate this look with a French twist or ballerina bun.

Elegant Chignon

Take a lesson from the ladies of the 1960s: There’s no outfit that a chignon can’t dress up. This classic rolled style is easy to try at home with a handful of pins, a hair elastic, and can of hairspray. Pair the look with your most elaborate statement earrings for a true midcentury finish.

Silky Smooth

Although short hair often gets all the attention, long manes require effort and patience. That’s why we love a hippie-inspired hairstyle, one that is an amped up version of air dried hair. Spritz your hair with an anti-frizz product when it’s fresh out of the shower and follow up with a coat of shine serum once your strands are dry.

The Bigger, The Better

Cinema darlings had to think about the camera at all times, which mean bigger (and more) hair whenever possible. Try your hand at a New Wave look by applying a volume-boosting mousse before blow drying and using a curling iron to create ringlets all over your head. Once they’ve cooled, rake through them with your fingers for loose, glamorous waves.

Sexy Half-Up Ponytail

Few styles can beat the half-up ponytail in terms of versatility and universal sex appeal. To really amp up the 1960s vibe, start with a teased crown and finish with a satin bow.

Curly Ponytail

This is another transition style that would have helped women adjust to styling their own hair. Whether you choose to tie your tail at the nape or go full-on bouffant with it, this youthful style can be dressed up or down.

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