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4 Hair Gloss Transformations

For many of us, the connection to our textured hair goes much deeper than hairstyles and trends. Our crowns of curls, locs, waves, and coils sit atop a rich and often complicated history that binds us together. Welcome to The Texture Edit, a platform powered by, where we embrace every curve of textured hair—from the latest in textured hair care innovations to the stark reality of texture discrimination.

The Texture Edit is a love letter to kinks, coils, curls, waves, locs, and twists. For far too long, textured hair has been treated as an afterthought despite its undeniable impact. We’re not here to rewrite the past but rather to reshape our future. To uplift and celebrate what we’ve always known to be true. Creating a space where professional and cultural hair care meld, where texture is demystified and embraced—because to know your texture is to truly love your hair.

The Texture Edit is a place to feel represented, seen, educated, and, more than anything, beautiful.

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We want the values of The Texture Edit to live on well beyond this page. So, we’ve partnered with the Professional Beauty Association and other industry leaders to create the Texture Education Collective. Over 65% of people identify as having textured hair and our mission is to equip all hair stylists with the tools and knowledge to service all clients and all textures. 

We’ve already made such remarkable progress in the last year alone! In November 2023, New York passed historic legislation sponsored by the TEC mandating textured hair education in cosmetology schools. Over the coming months, beauty school curriculums will be updated to include TEC-approved education about all hair textures, and testing standards will be updated to reflect the new curriculum. The legislative victory in New York has inspired other states to pursue similar bills, and we’re hopeful to see more states join us in mandating textured hair education. 

We have so much more than we want to accomplish—but we need your help. Join us in ensuring the near erasure of textured hair from beauty school curriculums will be a distant piece of history, and sign the petition to include textured hair in cosmetology testing standards. Whether you’re a pro looking for more equitable access to education or want to ensure your hair will be properly cared for no matter which salon you go to, your voice can bring about change. 

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The Texture Chart
To love your hair is to know your texture truly. Whether silky smooth strands or deliciously coily curls sit atop your crown, identifying your hair type will go a long way in creating a hair care routine that helps your mane thrive. Our texture chart is the first step in helping you to identify your hair type. Click on the chart to learn your hair types (did you know you can have more than one?), then browse our content below to get all the hair care, styling, product, and salon advice you need to take your textured hair care to the next level.

Tune into our curated playlist of textured hair care and styling videos.

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