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Love ‘70s style? Discover 25 iconic 1970s hairstyles to complete your retro look.

25 of the Most Iconic 1970s Hairstyles to Recreate in 2024

Love ‘70s style? Discover 25 iconic 1970s hairstyles to complete your retro look.

When it comes to personal style, no decade beats the ‘70s. Trends ran the gamut from ultra-glam to rock-and-roll, and many people showcased their preference via their style—and, more importantly, their hair. While Studio 54 may be a thing of the past, you can still embody the era’s undeniably playful spirit with a 1970s hairstyle. (Elements of these styles are even being repurposed in hair trends we love today—see fox flip hair!)

Here, we’re showcasing 25 of our favorites. Whether you want to rock teased tresses or prefer the laid-back vibes of a classic ‘70s shag, find inspiration for your next hairstyle ahead.

How to get ‘70s hair

If we could use only one word to describe 1970s hairstyles, it would be bold. The (unspoken) mantra of the era was “go big or go home.” Teased hair wasn’t just voluminous, but sky-high. Accessories were in-your-face (in the best possible way). And color was full-throttle. So, if you want to channel any of the decade’s most iconic styles, take that energy with you: this isn’t the time for subtlety.

The products you’ll need for your ‘70s hair depend on which look you’re aiming to recreate. Still, as many ‘70s hairstyles require mega-volume, we recommend adding Biolage Full Density Densifying Spray Treatment to your collection. The lightweight leave-in formula controls flyaways, adds shine, and suffuses your strands with the healthy-looking volume you’ll need to nail your ‘70s hair.

25 Popular 1970s Hairstyles We’re Loving Today

The best ‘70s hair trends are bold and full of personality. See our favorite ‘70s hairstyles (and learn how to recreate the retro looks for yourself) below.

Feathered Hair

Good hair day by @audreytrullinger

No hairstyle screams ‘70s quite as much as feathered hair: it was the look of the decade. To achieve the look, blow out your mane with a large, round brush, curling the ends outward rather than toward your face. Finish with a misting of medium-hold hairspray to help your blowout keep its full, fluffy shape.

Disco Curls

Good hair day by @sumans.waves

Embrace your inner disco goddess with full, voluminous curls—the bigger, the better. This 1970s hairstyle is equal parts playful and polished, thanks to the curls’ glossy finish. To achieve the party-ready look, prep your hair with a heat-protecting cream, like L’Oreal Professionnel Metal Detox Anti-Metal High Protection Cream. Blow dry or air dry, then use a wide-barrel curling iron to shape your strands. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray to help keep your curls’ shape without any unwanted stiffness.

Flippy Ends

Good hair day by @danielle.keasling

For many women, the 1970s were defined by a serious commitment to texture and volume. The disco flip embodied this commitment perfectly. Characterized by voluminous curls with flipped-out ends, this iconic style was first adopted by celebrity bombshells—but it proved wearable (and versatile) enough for all to wear.

Middle Part

Good hair day by @hairbybradleyleake

Though the middle part is enjoying a serious resurgence as of late, the low-key look first became widely popular in the ‘70s. What we love most about this style is how easy it is to achieve: just use a comb to part your hair dead-center and frame your face. Pair the laid-back look with oversized sunglasses—another ‘70s must-have—for a truly retro vibe.

Half-Up Braids

Good hair day by @mr_alexandrycosta

With the polish of an updo but the effortlessness of hair worn down, the half-up style truly embodies the best of both worlds. For a ‘70s twist on the trend, part your hair in the middle, then grab a two-inch section of hair from each temple. Bring the sections together at the back of your head, and tie them into a loose plait before securing the braid with a clear elastic.

Classic Shag

Good hair day by @harriet_stokes

Style more punk than glam? Then the classic shag is right up your alley. Ask your stylist to create this cut by adding lots of layers and using a razor to feather your ends to messy-chic perfection. Styling is easy: rake fingers through your natural waves with a texturizing spray (we like the aforementioned Biolage Full Density Densifying Spray Treatment), then air dry for the perfect lived-in effect.

Curtain Bangs

Good hair day by @vpettorelli

No list of iconic ‘70s hair moments would be complete without a callout to the curtain bang. Made famous by the era’s most noteworthy models, this laid-back look calls for cheekbone-grazing fringe parted down the middle and swept out toward your ears. The face-framing look is incredibly flattering—and since the bangs are already on the longer side, there’s no awkward phase while you wait for your fringe to grow out. Win-win.

Punky Spikes

Good hair day by @charlielemindu

For some, disco is remembered as the most iconic movement of the 1970s. For others, the ‘70s are synonymous with punk. This rock-and-roll subculture took off in the early ‘70s and had a massive influence on style worldwide. Like the clothing, punk hair stood out—it was bold, unique, and decidedly not mainstream.

Embrace this against-the-grain mentality with a spiky ‘do. To create it, apply a firm hold styling gel, like Matrix Controller Gel, to your short strands, then run your fingers through your hair to create texture and definition.

Curly Twist Out

Good hair day by @tippishorter

Natural girls, we’ve got the perfect hairstyle for you. In the ‘70s, many women of color began embracing their natural texture, thanks to the influence of the era’s most beloved celebrities. Channel the decade’s disco divas with a voluminous curly twist out worthy of an all-night bash at Studio 54. If you need a little help keeping your curls in shape, Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel has your back (well, strands). The light-hold gel helps define your hair’s natural texture without leaving it feeling stiff or crunchy.

Full Afro

Good hair day by @desiraymershani

No ‘70s disco would be complete with at least one classic afro. To make yours look its best, wash your hair and apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner like Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner. Air dry your hair, then use a hair pick to fluff out your coils until they’re full and fluffy.

Braided Accents

Good hair day by

The hippie movement began in the late ‘60s, but the iconic style born out of the free-spirited culture lived on through the ‘70s. Embrace your inner flower child by weaving thin braids into your hair, then pulling the strands apart for texture and volume. Wear the braids down or pin them back for a bohemian take on a half-up hairstyle.

Pin-Straight Strands

Good hair day by @anhwisle

Volume was big (pun intended) in the ‘70s, but it wasn’t a hallmark of every look. Long, pin-straight strands—undoubtedly inspired by a certain monomynous popstar—were also massively popular. To recreate this sleek style, shield your tresses with a heat protectant spray or cream, then flat iron until your mane lies perfectly flat.

Platinum Blonde

Good hair day by @new_concept_peluqueria

Platinum blonde has roots in Old Hollywood, but in the ‘70s, it was a color everyone—from disco divas to rockers—flocked to. If you’re thinking of making the jump to platinum, get it done professionally: it’s a difficult color to nail. Make sure to stock up on toning shampoos and conditioners to keep the color pristine (we’re big fans of the Matrix So Silver line), and ask your colorist about what else you can do to fend off brassiness and keep your white blonde fresh between appointments.

Frosted Highlights

Good hair day by @hairbydomd

Not ready to commit to all-over platinum? Dip your toes in the proverbial water with frosted, face-framing highlights or balayage. It’ll add brightness and vibrancy to your tresses without the need for root touchups every four weeks.

Shaggy Bangs

Good hair day by @amin_lie_kuang

Heavy fringe is another 1960s trend that lasted through the ‘70s. Pair yours with long, straight hair, making sure your bangs fall just above the eyebrows for a lived-in look. Once they start growing out, you can part your hair in the middle to create effortless curtain bangs—another iconic 1970s hairstyle.

Curly Fringe

Good hair day by @lisafarrall

If you have curly hair (and don’t want to straighten it daily), consider opting for curly bangs. Slightly shorter than the aforementioned shaggy bangs, curly fringe is full of volume, bounce, and sass—and it works beautifully on several wave and curl types.

Braided Crown

Good hair day by @alexandralee1016

Crown braids take a little bit of effort to perfect, but the end result is so worth it. The bohemian style helps keep your hair off your face without looking too done up, making the look perfect for a semi-formal event like an outdoor wedding or summertime cocktail party. Keep in mind that this style works best with medium-length hair—if yours is on the shorter side, try one of the other 1970s hairstyles on this list.

Glittering Details

Good hair day by @michaelacomajova

If you ask us, nothing screams “disco” more than major sparkle. Channel a 1970s disco queen by tying your hair into a sleek pony, then accessorizing with sparkly rhinestone clips or barrettes. You can even clip strands of silver tinsel into your hair for extra oomph, perfect for all-night parties.

Deep Side Part

Good hair day by @evgenikastylist

Infuse your everyday look with a bit of ‘70s flair by opting for a deep side part. Spritz your roots with a volumizing spray, then use a comb to part your hair about two inches off-center (aim to line your part up with the outer corner of your eye). If you have a cowlick, you can mist your hair with a medium-hold hairspray once done to help your parted hair in place.

Bombshell Waves

Good hair day by @biolage

A slightly sleeker take on disco curls, ‘70s bombshell waves were favored by many of the era’s most iconic actresses and supermodels. To achieve this gorgeous look, apply a shine-enhancing styling spray, like Biolage Smooth Proof Smoothing Shine Milk, to damp hair. Then, part your hair on the side and blow dry with a round brush to create those signature va-va-voom waves.

Floral Accents

Good hair day by @daliandra

Flower crowns could often be spotted at music festivals and shows in the 1970s: like braids, these boho accessories were an emblem of the hippie movement. Rather than rocking a full flower crown—which, admittedly, feels a bit dated—update your go-to ‘do by placing a few colorful flowers in your strands. To really lean into the retro vibe, opt for real flowers: think daisies or forget-me-nots. True, they last far less time than faux florals, but in our eyes, that just makes it all the more special.

Silky Scarves

Good hair day by @iydamichael

Silk scarves didn’t debut in the 1970s, but they were one of the most coveted accessories of the decade, nonetheless. We love them because of their versatility: You can use a silk scarf to tie back your ponytail, weave your scarf into your plait for a pop of color, or wrap it around your head and tie it at the back to hide greasy roots.

Slicked-Back Curly Pony

Good hair day by @texpert.carlon

Here’s another one for the natural-haired ladies out there. Keep your curls off your face without sacrificing any of that luscious volume with a ‘70s-inspired slicked-back pony.

Here’s how: First, part your hair in the center, then apply a long-hold hair gel, like Mizani Edge Control Taming Gel, to the top third of your hair. Slick down the front so it lays flat (add more gel if needed), and gather the ends into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure the ponytail with an elastic, then use a hair pick or a brush to fluff out the ponytail for major volume and bounce.

Long and Layered

Good hair day by

Bouncy and chic but surprisingly low-effort, long, flowing layers were the look for ‘70s women. To recreate this retro style, ask your stylist for a butterfly cut: they’ll add long, face-framing layers to give your hair shape and eliminate extra bulk.

Copper Tones

Good hair day by @matrix

We love a red hair moment—and the ‘70s did, too. Shades of copper were especially popular during the decade (and this decade—hello cowgirl copper!). Whether opting for a subtle strawberry blonde or a more vivid copper, keep your color vibrant with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, like L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

Header photo credit: @kelleyscanvas and @ellieclarke_hair

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