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7 Unique Ways To Style A Pixie Cut

unique pixie cut

Most women are extremely attached to the length of their hair. If a stylist so much as threatens to trim more than an inch off at an appointment, they start to twitch a little. It’s totally understandable, considering most of us have bought into the myth that long hair is the only sexy hair.


Friends, nothing could be more false. We’re constantly interviewing women with pixies, bobs, and buzz cuts who say getting rid of the length reignited their creativity and made them feel like new women. There are dozens of unique ways to style a pixie cut, and most of them don’t require much time at all.


Nervous about how you’d hack it as a pixie cut-wearing lady? We’ve gone ahead and gathered up all the inspiration you’ll need.

Punk Rock Texture

If you were blessed with thick, straight hair, put it to work with a textured pixie cut. With the aid of styling pomade, you can create a dynamic, choppy effect that’ll set you apart from all the romantic waves and ponytails out there.

Curly As Can Be

We’re big proponents of embracing natural texture. If you struggle to shape perfect ringlets, chop off the extra weight. You’ll be surprised how much your curls spring up. If you’re not a natural curly girl, use a wand to create similar results.


Natural is beautiful, so what are you waiting for? A fro is modern and places visual emphasis on your facial features. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to invest in some earrings to pair with your new ‘do.

Forward Swoop

If you’re nervous about losing absolutely all of your length, try a pixie with extra inches on top. We love those longer strands swept forward like dramatic bangs, particularly if they’re accented with a surprising color.

Side Swept And Sleek

This look is all class. If you’re still thinking a pixie cut will make you look like a child, you should pin this one up on your vision board and call your stylist. Straight, sleek hair is the most adult style in the world.


Pixie cuts don’t always have to be so serious. If your stylist leaves you length, apply a volume-boosting mousse and go to town with a hair dryer. There’s no need to blend into the crowd, even if you do cut off your mane.


Voila, pixie perfection. The combination of movement and height make this cropped ‘do a true stunner. To mimic this look, apply a heat protectant before diffusing your pixie. You’ll be proud of the results.

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