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The Prettiest Asymmetrical Bobs For Every Face Shape

Asymmetrical Bob

Getting a new lease on life can be expensive. Whether it comes in the form of a 90-day bikini workout package or a pricey blender for all those green juices, money and self-renewal go hand in hand.

If you’re looking to freshen up your style and really take your appearance into your own hands, there’s one investment you can make that won’t ever bite you in the behind or sit in your kitchen cabinet unused: a haircut. More specifically, you should get an asymmetrical bob.

What is an asymmetrical bob, anyway?

Instead of snipping your hair into a single length, your stylist will create a look that’s generally longer on one side of your face than the other. Often, you’ll see a cut that’s layered in the back as well.

The resulting look slims down round faces while creating the illusion of a longer neck—who doesn’t want to be mistaken for a swan from time to time? To get a little inspiration before your next big cut, take a look through our favorite asymmetrical bob styles.

Shoulder Length Bob

Rather than jump into every single trendy haircut, try updating a classic style with a modern length. In this case, you’ll be wearing your asymmetrical bob just above the collarbones in a lob. You’ll have the best of both styles, particularly if you curl your face-framing pieces into a tousled, chic style.

Medium Length Bob

For a take on the same style that sits just slightly closer to the jawline, the medium length bob is the cut you’ll want to try. Like its lob twin, this cropped cut is still in keeping with the trends without sacrificing the classic asymmetrical shape. We’d recommend this cut for ladies who’d always rather keep their manes off their necks.

Short Bob

Still not cropped enough for you? Ask your stylist to cut your mane into a short asymmetrical bob, which will fall at your jawline. With this look, you’re absolutely going to need product to keep the cut at its best. Your professional should be able to dole out a few choice styling tips before you head out of the salon.

Layered Bob

Layered haircuts are about as close to wizardry as you can get in the real world. While hair that hangs at a single length often becomes limp or heavy, shorter pieces free up strands for extra volume and increased texture. For strands that have waves or curls, layers are the way to go for movement that’s noticeable from a mile away.

Blunt Bob

When celebrities try bobs, you’ll notice they almost always choose a blunt asymmetrical cut. That’s because they have glam teams that sit in the wings, trimming up those ends every week or so. If you’re interested in this statement ‘do, prepare for regular “dustings” (cuts that maintain the line of the style without taking off much length) at the salon.

Inverted Bob

The wide variety of bobs out there can get confusing, and we’re right there with you. While a layered bob includes choppy sections all over, the inverted bob focuses those at the back of the head. As a result, you’ll be treated to way more volume and lift while still maintaining longer pieces around the face.

Undercut Bob

While many asymmetrical bobs fall comfortably into the realm of conservative styles, the undercut bob is a look fit for a budding artist or guitar babe. Instead of cropping your hair into a standard cut, your stylist will shave the nape up to the ears (he or she can even carve in a nifty design, if you’re amenable).

One Sided Bob

As long as you’re playing around with a razor, you may as well consider a look that’ll mean you never get hair in your face again. Instead of shaving the back of your neck, this style is all about a buzzed patch over one ear. If you’re liking the way the cut looks, your pro can even bring the section down to your nape.

Middle Part Bob

The asymmetrical bob is a striking cut, so it only follows that it takes a truly bold woman to wear it with a middle part in place of the traditional deep side part. If you’re confident in your hairline and facial bone structure, this cut is a showstopper of a decision.

Razor Cut Bob

The razor cut asymmetrical bob looks very similar to other renditions of the cut at first glance. If you look closer, however, it’s feathery through the ends and has noticeably more movement. We’d recommend this look for those want their bobs to seem effortless and breezy, particularly during the summer and spring.

Curly Bob

Long gone are the days of heat styling your hair every day or feeling like only straight hair is work appropriate. Embrace your texture with the help of an asymmetrical style. It’ll free your mane of extra weight (thereby boosting your curl factor) while simultaneously framing and slimming your face. That sounds like the ultimate win-win to us!

Natural Bob

As many women who’ve sworn off chemical relaxers can tell you, the journey to luscious natural hair can be long and—most importantly—boring. Instead of battling your hair or braiding it away, try shaping curls in an asymmetrical bob. Anything big and voluminous will work here, so any flat twist out style is ideal.

Geometric Bob

Fashion girls, where are you at? The geometric bob, which focuses on an overall shape of the hair in lieu of movement, is a futuristic style that’s not for just anyone. If you’re looking for a cut that’s just as much a piece of art as it is a fashion statement, the geometric bob is worth trying out.

Bob with Bangs

Whether you were born with something we lovingly refer to as a “five head” or just like the way fringe looks around your face, choppy bangs are an excellent addition to your asymmetrical bob. The cropped look is a major trend for the upcoming year, one that’s a cross between the 1980s and the haircut your mother probably still wears.

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