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7 Most Flattering Haircuts For Long Hair

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Everyone has a hobby. Some people fish, others run, and some—our very favorite kind of people—obsessively grow their hair.

If you’ve ever committed to waist-length hair, you’ve experienced the feverish high that comes from caring for your strands. And, when the time finally comes and you can’t deny your split ends, finding a haircut that suits you is incredibly nerve-wracking. Rest assured: Stylish haircuts for long hair exist.

Visiting your local hair salon isn’t a death sentence for your beautiful, luxurious mane. Just think of this as a chance to add shape and movement to your style. A quick cut can make all the difference, taking scraggly, adolescent-looking locks and transforming them into a chic look.

Long hair can be just as stylish and work-appropriate as any lob. Follow our lead, and you’ll be surprised to see how polished your mane can look.

Face-Framing Layers

One of the primary problems with very long hair is that it gets heavy. All the weight sits at the bottom of the strands, making the top look flat. For that reason, layers are an excellent choice in your ’do. They’ll reduce the weight of your mane (your neck will thank you) and add much-needed movement.

If you’re hesitant about cutting any of your length, ask your stylist for face-framing layers. By cutting the front pieces of your hair shorter, you’ll effectively ensure your good looks aren’t getting lost in a sea of hair. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your hair is wearing you.

Don’t be afraid to show your hair who’s the boss.

Mixed Layers

Like face-framing layers, a mixture of short and long strands reduces the weightiness of your mane. That means more volume at your roots without having to blow dry your hair upside down for 30 minutes at a time. Less work, better looks? That’s a cause we can get behind.

To make the most of this style, ask your hairstylist for well-blended layers of all lengths. You’re aiming for added movement and texture. The shortest strands should be bouncy and voluminous, while the medium and long layers will break up your mane.

If you’re a lady with wavy hair, this cut is a must-try for you. You’ll be amazed at what it does to boost your natural texture

Choppy Layers

Are you practically married to your curling wand? Would you feel uncomfortable going out in anything but beach waves? Well then, the choppy, layered cut is the best choice for you.

Unlike more traditional, well-blended layers, these pieces are meant to be noticeable. Beachy waves are all about visual interest and texture, and choppy layers add both to the hair.

Interestingly, this cut will also make your mane easier to style. If you’ve ever tried curling long pieces of hair, you know it’s challenging to maintain a wave all the way down the strand. Your newly-cut layers will curl without fuss, making your waves even beachier.

Front Layers

Here’s one for the girls who’ve woken up in cold sweats after nightmares about hair salons. Instead of cutting into your hair all over the head, ask your stylist to focus the layers around the front of your ‘do.

Instead of dealing with a mane that constantly falls in your eyes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wearability of this face-framing, flattering look. This is a style we consistently see on celebrity manes, especially because it’s ideal for press tours and photo calls.

Don’t let your hair cover up your face entirely, like some kind of overgrown hedge. Choose this cut for a simple, smart take on very long hair.

Shag Cut

If you haven’t yet heard about the resurgence of the shag cut, prepare yourself. This ‘70s-style haircut is poised to rule the beauty world in 2017. The style is all about volume at the roots and delicately feathered ends, with layers throughout that provide edgy texture.

For ladies with thin hair who find it difficult to create movement, even with a curling wand, the shag might be the perfect solution to all and any hair woes. Because the cut thins out your ends, you’ll be surprised at how much motion it creates.

No matter your hair type, the shag is an excellent choice for ladies who’ve been looking to add a little variety into their hair routines. It never hurts to try out a taste of the punk rock lifestyle.

V-Shaped or U-Shaped Cut

For many years, we mistakenly assumed that all haircuts ended in a uniform length. If you’re anything like us, you’re in for a big surprise. In fact, many cuts incorporate angled lengths to boost movement and visual interest.

On very long hair, we like the look of a V-shaped or U-shaped cut. As the name suggests, these styles mean your hair professional will snip your ends to mimic a gentle or sharp curve. The result? Light, short face-framing pieces and more length in the back.

Wondering what the difference is between the two styles? In general, the V-shape lends itself to dramatic layers meant for maximum movement. On the other hand, U-shaped haircuts are all about subtlety and elegance. Neither are the wrong choice, it’s just a matter of personal preference. If you’re struggling to choose, consult your hair stylist. After all, he or she is a professional.

Baby Bangs

Here’s another hairstyle that we can’t get enough of, one that’s about to take over your Instagram feed. In an homage to the ‘90s that seems to match the fashion of the moment, baby bangs are back. These extra-short, blunt pieces play nicely with all lengths and textures of hair, but they look particularly edgy next to very long hair.

To make sure you’re getting the most flattering bangs, be sure your stylist pulls your would-be fringe from the highest point of the head. If you mimic the way hair naturally lays across your forehead, the bangs will be easy to style. Many customers ask for thicker bangs and end up with a disaster zone, so make sure your fringe is right before pulling out the scissors.

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