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Hold Onto Your Brunch Cocktails! Bloody Mary Hair Color Is Coming in Hot

Bloody mary hair color is the earthy red shade your hair has been thirsty for. Here’s how to get it, and what you’ll need to maintain it at home.

There are two things we firmly believe in here at brunch is the best year-round activity, and everyone can look great as a redhead. When we caught wind that our two convictions had met in the middle at the salon to become the stunning bloody mary hair color, it’s safe to say we were thrilled. Finally, the savory boozy cocktail that’s rescued us from many late nights was getting the attention it deserved.

We thought there was no better pro to weigh in on the trend than Constance Robbins, a Matrix artist coined the Queen of Reds. She gave us the rundown on what you need to know about the bloody mary hair color trend and showed us a gorgeous hair transformation you can replicate with your own stylist. You won’t want to miss Robbins’ video below or her expert tips and tricks to maintain your bloody mary mane at home.

What is bloody mary hair color?

Like your favorite spicy brunch cocktail, bloody mary hair color is a dark copper red with a blend of golden red highlights and lowlights. It’s more earth-toned than other red shades, making it more wearable for those thinking of venturing into redhead territory.

“Bloody mary hair is a shade of red that’s in-between super vibrant and auburn,” says Robbins. “It is a rich red copper that has an earthy vibe.” 

While the color of bloody mary hair is specific, the technique you use to incorporate the shade into your mane is totally up to you. It can be worn as an all-over hue, in a balayage, as an ombre or highlights, and more. Robbins says you can even take it one step further and have your stylist weave in bold asymmetrical chunks of golden blonde money pieces to emulate the salt on the rim of the delicious adult beverage.

Bloody mary hair color

Before bloody mary hair color

Who is bloody mary hair color good for?

There are no exceptions—bloody mary can be stunning on anyone who wants to rock a red hair color.

“I truly believe red can work for any skin tone,” says Robbins. “You can definitely tailor the shade deeper and richer or lighter and brighter for different skin tones.”

For best results, Robbins says you can ask your stylist to show you swatches of bloody mary hair color on your skin tone to see what would flatter your complexion.

Want to try a red shade but feel a little nervous about how it’ll look? Have your stylist start slowly by adding just a few bloody mary accents to your hair. You never know—it could be your new signature look.

Bloody mary hair color

After bloody mary hair color

How much upkeep does bloody mary hair color require?

Before you learn how to care for bloody mary hair, it’s important to understand that red dye fades faster than other hair colors, impacting how much upkeep it’ll require. The brighter the hair color, the larger the dye molecule, meaning it’ll sit more on the hair's surface instead of fully sinking in. 

A permanent red hair dye is recommended to help give your bloody mary hair more staying power. Whereas semi, demi, and red temporary hair color just coat the hair with color, permanent dye is formulated with tiny molecules that penetrate the hair cuticle and enter the hair’s cortex. Once the molecules are inside the hair cortex, bleach and ammonia lift the hair’s natural color to give your locks a new hue that better lasts. Even with permanent dye though, Robbins says this vivid color still needs a touch-up every six to eight weeks.

Pro tip: Ask your stylist about Matrix’s SoColor Pre-Bonded Permanent Hair Color, an in-salon service that helps protect hair’s inner structure while depositing color into strands.

How do you care for bloody mary hair color at home?

Now that you know the science behind red dye, arming yourself with a good at-home care regimen can make a huge difference in preserving your hair color. Robbins says her go-to line is Matrix’s Keep Me Vivid. 

“The shampoo and conditioner help keep red vibrant for a long time because the shampoo is sulfate-free,” says the stylist. “The Matrix Keep Me Vivid Color Lamination Spray is also a lifesaver that you can use a few times a week to lock in the color and add shine.”

Color care doesn’t just end in the shower, though—how you style your hair can also affect how long your bloody mary hue lasts. While limiting your hot tool use can help prevent premature fading, we know that this sometimes isn’t possible. For those days when a bouncy blow-out perfectly complements your look, you’ll want to keep a nourishing heat protectant on hand. Robbins loves Matrix’s Total Results Miracle Creator Repairing Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner, which primes hair for styling and features 20 beautifying benefits for your hair, including heat protection. 

Lastly, protecting your brightly-colored locks from the elements is essential.

“Reds are fabulous year-round, but if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun, I would definitely recommend the Matrix Keep Me Vivid Color Velvetizer,” adds Robbins. “It has a UV filter in it to protect your color from sun fade.”

Now that you’re in the loop about all things bloody mary hair, let’s make a toast to more vibrant hair days ahead.

Ready to drink up some bloody mary hair color of your own? has the salon products you’ll need for your at-home upkeep.

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