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6 Bridal Hair Accessories Every Modern Princess Needs

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If you ask any bride-to-be what they want to look like on their wedding day, chances are good the word “princess” will be the first thing they say. Many women have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls and being able to live out their ultimate princess fantasy is a dream come true. However, if you want to get the full princess experience, you can’t just dress like a princess—you have to accessorize like one too!

While a certain American princess-to-be prepares for her big day, we’ve rounded up seven bridal hair accessories every modern princess bride needs.


Your wedding is one of the few times in your life where it is totally appropriate to wear a tiara all night long—so you should totally wear a tiara all night long! Not only is a tiara the perfect bridal hair accessory for any wedding, wearing one down the aisle is a right of passage for any princess.


We know that crowns are technically reserved for high-ranking royals—but if you don’t tell the queen, we won’t! If you love the way a tiara looks but are looking for a headpiece with more drama and flare, a crown is perfect for you.

Cathedral Length Veil

Making a grand entrance is important for any bride, but it is of the utmost importance for a princess bride. Your entrance sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. If you’re planning an elegant (but decidedly over-the-top) affair, you’ll need an entrance that matches the vibe. Nothing screams drama and elegance quite like a cathedral length veil. The abundance of chiffon and lace give you an almost angelic appearance as you make your way down the aisle.

Bedazzled Hair Comb

As much as we love any excuse to wear a tiara or crown, after a few hours they can begin to feel a bit heavy. If you want to ditch your tiara halfway through your reception but don’t want to lose any sparkle, swap your tiara for a bedazzled hair comb. A hair comb has the added benefit of keeping your hair up and out of your face while you kill it on the dance floor—without compromising on glamour.


Glittering jewels and gems aren’t the only way to accessorize like a royal. If you’re looking for a classic yet understated hair accessory, consider a satin ribbon. There are an endless amount of ways to incorporate a satin ribbon into the hairstyle of your choice. Wrap it around your entire head in lieu of a headband, use it to secure an updo, or simply add a decorative bow to your ‘do.

Flower Crown

Boho brides can still feel like total princesses. All you have to do is swap out a regular crown for one of the flower variety. While flower crowns have become a music festival staple over the last few years when created with the perfect flowers and paired with the perfect gown your flower crown will fit in seamlessly with your regal affair.

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