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Cute hairstyles don’t have to require tons of effort. We’ve rounded up 35 cute and easy hairstyles that you can whip up at home—no matter your skill level.

35 Cute Hairstyles You Can Easily Do At Home

Cute hairstyles don’t have to require tons of effort. We’ve rounded up 35 cute and easy hairstyles that you can whip up at home—no matter your skill level.
35 Cute Hairstyles You Can Easily Do At Home

Rolling out of bed every day to blow dry and style your hair shouldn’t be a challenge, but some days, it certainly feels like one. You stare at your reflection in the mirror, wondering what you could possibly do with your strands today that you haven’t already tried a dozen times before. But a cute hairstyle doesn’t have to be fussy or overly complicated to stand out.

To prove it, we’ve rounded up 35 of our favorite cute easy hairstyles that anyone can master, from boho braids to retro high ponies and more. Whether you have short strands or long locks, we’re confident you’ll find inspiration for your next look below.

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Pearl Accents

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think pearls are just as special. Add a regal twist to your classic high pony by weaving faux pearl beads throughout your strands, then securing your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head.

Good hair day by @thelovelyhairclass

Flipped Pony

Give your go-to high ponytail a dose of retro flair by flipping out the tail. After securing your pony, wrap the bottom two to three inches around a wide-barrel brush. Spritz it with Matrix Builder Wax Spray, then carefully remove the brush for a voluminous, ‘60s-inspired look.

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Half-Up Ribbon Scrunchie

Ditch your tired hair elastic and secure your effortless half pony with a ribbon for a French-inspired twist on your everyday hairstyle.

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Sculptural Bubble Braid

Despite the name, no braiding is involved in creating a bubble braid. All this chic look requires is the know-how to do a ponytail—and a handful of hair elastics to secure (at regular intervals) down the length of the tail.

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Halo Braid

There’s something undeniably chic about a wrap-around halo braid—we’re especially fond of how it can be dressed up or down. For a detailed look at how to achieve this cute hairstyle, check out our article Romantic Hair 101: How to Style a Halo Braid.

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Side-Parted Locs

We can’t sing the praises of classic locs enough. This protective hairstyle for natural hair is super low-maintenance, looks stunning, and can be styled any number of ways. Wear yours with a deep side part for a stylish look that won’t take more than 20 seconds to perfect (and learn more about caring for locs in our article Locs: A Complete Care Guide).

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Space Buns

Space buns are among our favorite cute hairstyles for short hair. Because they’re positioned on either side of the crown of your head, you don’t need much length at all to get the look. Simply part your hair down the middle and twist each section into a bun about two inches above your ears.

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Braided Space Buns

Give your space buns an unexpected twist (pun intended) by weaving two French braids from the nape of your neck towards the crown, securing the braids just beneath where you’ll place each bun.

Good hair day by @asotodoeshair

Half-Up Bun

A half-up bun is an easy hairstyle that nearly anyone can do, regardless of hair type or texture. Start by parting your hair horizontally above your ears, then securing the topmost portion into a bun at the crown of your head. Keep the bun tight for a sleeker look, or pull out the ends for a messier, lived-in vibe, as seen here.

Good hair day by @alexabeauty.touch

French Bubble Braids

One of our favorite cute hairstyles for long hair is the French bubble braid. To achieve this unique look, weave a French braid onto either side of your head, securing the braids at the nape of your neck. Then, bubble braid the rest of each pigtail for a fun and unexpected take on the classic plaited look.

Good hair day by @rootandshadowsalon

Hair Bow

Bows were everywhere this year: on headbands, tied around ponytails, and even woven throughout wavy tresses. Take the trend out for a spin by tying your mane into a loose, half-up bun, then tying a thin section of hair around the center of the bun to create a bow-like shape.

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Scrunchie High Ponytail

There’s no shortage of cute ponytail hairstyles, but an ultra-high pony paired with side-swept bangs and a glam, embellished scrunchie might just take the cake.


Slicked Back With Pearl Headband

Headbands have a special way of giving any hairstyle a polished finish. Lean into that effect by opting for a pearl-embellished headband and pair it with shiny, slicked-back strands.

Good hair day by @belladiva_clothing

Scrunchie Ballet Bun

Keep your hair off your face and en pointe by wrapping up your classic ballet bun with an oversized velvet scrunchie. This cute hairstyle takes no time at all to nail, so it’s a great option for busy mornings.

Good hair day by @lenadonchenko_hairstylist and @kate_d_mua

Sleek Wrapped Pony

If you’re looking for a cute, easy hairstyle suitable for a special event, try your hand at a wrapped pony. It’s one of those styles that looks a lot more complicated than it really is—and works beautifully on both medium-length and long hair.

Good hair day by @myguiltycrown

High Pigtails

Lean into your more playful side with high pigtails. While this cute hairstyle can work on most hair lengths, we find it works best with longer strands: Short hair may jut outward rather than falling down into pigtails.

Good hair day by @mr_alexandrycosta

Loop Braided Pigtails

Pigtails can be high fashion, and this cute braided hairstyle is proof. Start by sectioning your hair down the center and securing each section with an elastic at the nape of your neck. Next, braid your pigtails, then flip up the bottom and tuck the ends into the elastic band. You should be left with looped braids on either side of your head—a chic look that can easily transition from day to night.

Video credit: @senadakxo and @liddle_bitt

XXL Extensions With Bows

Extensions are set to be one of 2024’s biggest hair trends (and we couldn’t be more excited). If you’re planning to participate, try accessorizing your longer locks with one of 2023’s most beloved hair trends: bows. Use them to tie your hair into a half-up style, or simply add a few to your strands for extra visual interest.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are the ultimate protective hairstyle for natural hair. Start with clean, wet hair, then work Mizani Styling Foam Wrap throughout your strands. Twist the sections into shape, then wrap them into the knots while your hair is still wet for a cute hairstyle that’ll last you until the next wash day.

Good hair day by @nesrin.hairdresser

Knotted Half Pony

Give your classic half pony an unexpected twist by forgoing the hair elastic and simply tying your strands into a knot to secure the style. Prepping your hair with a texturizing paste, like Matrix Over Achiever 3-in-1, can help provide grip so your knotted style stays put.

Good hair day by @glamjessxo

Claw Clip Updo

Claw clips make creating updos easy—and they’re a great way to give your everyday look a bit more flair. We love the chic tortoiseshell option pictured above, especially when paired with a messier, lived-in updo.

Video credit: @ugcemilys

Bombshell Bun

The bombshell bun is a must-try updo for those with long hair. Inspired by Old Hollywood starlets, the glam bun features a slicked-back front and an intricate-looking knot at the crown of your head.

Good hair day by @francescadidit

Bouncy Retro Pony

The key to the bouncy retro ponytail: volume (and lots of it). Give your strands all the oomph they need with a volumizing mousse, like Redken Root Lifter Volumizing Spray, which adds fullness without weighing the hair down.

Good hair day by @vickymhair

Twisted Chignon

There is perhaps no hairstyle more elegant than the classic chignon. While it may look tricky to pull off, it’s actually deceptively simple so long as you have the right tools at your disposal. For details on how to create this cute hairstyle, check out our article How to Style a Chignon: A Super Easy Step-By-Step Guide.

Good hair day by @zaylesbrial and @lexincarey

Hair Tinsel

If you’re looking for a cute hairstyle that won’t fall out by the end of the day, consider nabbing some hair tinsel. It’s glittery, shimmery, and glam—and installed properly, can last up to two weeks.

Good hair day by @clairehartleystylist

Boho Braided Bun

If a halo braid and a chignon had a baby, it would be a braided bun. While on their own, the components of this style lean more sleek than laid back; together, they give off a distinctly boho vibe—especially when worn loose with face-framing tendrils.

Good hair day by and @celineclark

Embellished Messy Bun

Level up your low-effort messy bun by adding attention-grabbing embellished pins or clips throughout your mane.

Good hair day by @darycetolliver

Pineapple Ponytail

The pineapple ponytail is one of our favorite cute natural hairstyles (and one of the easiest to achieve). Simply gather your mane into a ponytail at the top of your head and secure with your hair tie of choice for a high-impact look that’ll show off your natural texture.

Good hair day by @hairdotcom

Retro Flipped Ends

Add a retro flip to the list of cute short hairstyles you want to try ASAP. It’s this easy: After prepping your mane with a heat protectant (we love L’Oréal Professionnel 10 in 1 Perfecting Multipurpose Oil), use your flatiron to add a bend to the bottom two inches of your mane so the ends flip out away from your face.

Photo credit:@hannahhairuk

Waterfall Braid

While the waterfall braid looks tricky to pull off, it’s actually quite simple—as long as you can do a French braid, you can perfect this cute braided hairstyle. Get the step-by-step in our article How to Style a Waterfall Braid.

Good hair day by @hairbylunabelle

Butterfly Clips

These aren’t the butterfly clips you sported on school picture day in 1999. Today’s iterations are big, bold, and full of sparkle—and pair beautifully with equally bold hairstyles, like the vibrant rainbow mane pictured above.

Good hair day by @wura.r

Voluminous Afro

Show off your natural texture with a classic voluminous afro. Styling it is super simple: Just prep your hair with a frizz-fighting leave-in treatment like Mizani 25 Miracle Cream, then use an afro pick to loosen your coils to your liking.

Good hair day by @tonyastylist

Twisted Low Pony

A twisted low ponytail is elegant, glam, and chic—yet easily achievable, even for hair styling newbies. Start by creating a standard low ponytail, leaving a two-inch section of hair out at either temple. After securing the pony, grab the two loose sections and cross them over the hair elastic. Tuck the ends in beneath the ponytail, then secure any loose hairs with bobby pins to complete your sleek style.

Good hair day by @samira.bem

Locs High Bun

Gather your locs into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, then wrap the hair around itself and secure with a silk scrunchie for a low-effort hairstyle that can complement both laid-back and high-fashion fits.

Good hair day by @braidedkatie

Heart-Shaped Bun

Embrace your inner romantic by fashioning yourself a sleek, heart-shaped bun. Wear as-is for a sleeker look, or lean into the quirky vibe by accessorizing with equally playful accessories (think: heart-shaped clips or rhinestone hair pins).

Header image credits: @liddle_bitt and @myguiltycrown

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