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How To Fix Dry, Brittle Hair: Everything You Need To Know

How To Fix Dry Hair: The Ultimate Guide What you need to know to hydrate parched locks.

How To Fix Dry Hair: The Ultimate Guide

What you need to know to hydrate parched locks. 

No matter your hair texture, chances are your mane has gone through a dry spell at least once. The feeling of having parched, crunchy strands that you can’t run your fingers through is something nobody likes to deal with. The good news? Replenishing dry, brittle hair with much-needed hydration is easy—and it all starts with figuring out what’s causing dryness in the first place. 

Some major causes of dry, brittle hair include damage from salon color, chemical treatments, or heat styling too frequently. It can also be caused by washing your hair too often, rinsing hair in hard water, and not using hydrating hair products in your routine. Dryness can also occur as a result of environmental factors such as living in a dry climate

Since dry hair has so many underlying causes, the best treatment will always be one that’s customized for your mane’s specific needs. With that in mind, your stylist is the ultimate resource to turn to. They can help you create a customized hair care routine to remedy dryness. 

Want to learn more about how to fix dry hair? Whether you’ve got dry curly hair or dehydrated, color-treated strands, we’ve got everything you need to know to moisturize parched locks. Keep scrolling for care tips and dry hair products, including the best shampoo for dry hair that you need to try ASAP. 

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