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How To Style A French Roll Hairstyle, The Twist's Lesser-Known Cousin

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Some classic hairdos never go out of style, while others live on through modern updates. If you’re a fan of retro hairstyles, chances are good you know about the French twist. It’s an elegant staple updo typically worn at weddings and dinner parties alike. If you feel like a French twist is a bit too fancy for your androgynous haircut, you’re going to love the French roll hairstyle.

This lesser-known version of the French twist is totally customizable, meaning you can just as easily wear it to your mom’s annual holiday party as you would to your best friend’s birthday brunch. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up five French roll hairstyles you’re going to want to recreate ASAP.


French Roll

Think of the French roll as the laid-back, casual version of the French twist. While a classic French twist is a polished style expertly crafted and pinned to the back of your head, a French roll looks best when it’s a bit undone.

The updated version of this classic style maintains the fundamental rounded shape while allowing some pieces of hair to hang loose. The finished style is elegant enough for the red carpet but casual enough for dinner with your friends.

The best part about the French roll hairstyle? All you need to create it is a boar bristle brush, several bobby pins, and a strong-hold hairspray like Redken’s Triple Take 32 Extreme Extreme High-Hold Hairspray.

To begin, sweep all of your hair to one side and place bobby pins at the back of your head to hold your hair in place. Then, sweep the loose hair back over the bobby pins and begin to twist and tuck the hair to form your French roll. Once you achieve your desired shape, use several more bobby pins to hold the roll in place and set your look with a high-hold hairspray.


Half-Up French Roll

If you’re looking for the perfect party hairstyle, look no further than this fun half-up French roll. We love the versatility of half-up styles, and this French roll is no different. It perfectly combines the elegance of a French roll with glamorous Hollywood waves.


French Roll Ponytail

If you have super long locks, it can sometimes be a little difficult to stuff your entire mane into a French roll. That’s why we love this French roll ponytail, which has all of the essence of a French roll while enabling you to show off your princess-length strands.

Twisted French Roll Ponytail

The French roll is all about putting your own spin on the classic French twist, which is why we love this cylindrical iteration.


Grunge French Roll

French roll and French twist hairstyles have earned a reputation for being a bit stuffy, but you can absolutely grunge them up. This textured, piece-y French roll pairs perfectly with a leather jacket and combat boots.

Interested in a professional French roll for your next big event? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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