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What You Need To Know To Customize Your Hair Care Routine

These salon-quality products will give you your best hair ever.

An excellent hair care routine is the foundation of any great head of hair. If you want your mane to look and feel it’s best, you have to invest in quality products that are going to nourish your strands from root to tip. With so many hair products on the market, however, it can be difficult to decide which ones are just right for you. Should you buy a volumizing shampoo or a moisturizing formula? Is your hair in desperate need of a deep conditioner or leave-in treatment 

If you’re unsure where to start, first narrow down your hair type and major hair concerns. If you have straight hair that falls flat, you’ll want to pack your routine with volumizing products. Have curly hair that looks and feels a little dry? Opt for moisturizing products to bring your ringlets back to life. Those with color-treated strands, should look for products formulated to enhance and protect their salon color. Once you’ve got your basics covered, you can start to have fun with treatments and styling products.

Want to learn more? Keep scrolling to discover five things to keep in mind when curating your routine (plus must-have products to add to your line-up).

What The Pros Say

What The Pros Say Identify your hair type. Take into account your primary and secondary hair care concerns. Consider your hair goals. Think about how you style your hair most often. Make sure your routine includes staples such as shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner or heat protectant, and styling products.

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