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How To Style Dancing Queen-Inspired Ringlets For Halloween

photo of halloween dancing queen hairstyle

Everyone has a soft spot in their heart for disco. Even if you were born decades after the last bellbottoms and platform shoes fell out of style, it’s hard to beat an era obsessed with sequins, big hair, and groovy rhythms.

If you’re looking for a last-minute Halloween costume that’s instantly recognizable by the hair, take your inner dancing queen for a spin. With the help of a small-barreled curling iron, a crimper, and a bottle of mousse, you’ll be able to create dynamo volume with minimal efforts—even if you have an accent color like peekaboo highlights.

Ready to strap on your platforms, move to Greece, and bust out a number like Donna and the Dynamos? We called on Jackie Litscher, Redken artist, to help you out with the help of a few Redken products.


dancing queen hairstyle 2

Prep Your Hair

If you have freshly shampooed hair, damp strands are the perfect start to this style. For those who’ve been out all day, start by applying Guts 10 Volumizing Spray Mousse just at the crown to help create volume.

Before heat styling, you’ll want to apply a product that helps ensure your style stays in all day. Epperson loves Fashion Work 12 Hairspray, which offers 24-hour humidity resistance and 8-hour control.

dancing queen hairstyle

Start Curling

These aren’t just any old ringlets you’re crafting—they’re disco curls! That means volume and bounce are key elements of your style. To achieve the maximum amount of ringlets, Epperson recommends using a quarter-inch curling iron and small sections of hair. Make sure you’re wrapping the hair around the barrel from the root to the end to ensure you get a full curl. Take your time, working in horizontal sections so you don’t miss any stray hairs.

dancing queen hairstyle

Once your ringlets are in place, it’s time to enhance the height of your mane. Like a real performer, you’ll want to make sure they can see this ‘do all the way across the party. Use a crimper or texturizing iron (Epperson loves the Sam Villa Texture Texturizing Iron) at the base of each section, clamping it on briefly to create added volume. Work with quarter-inch sections to create the most dramatic end result.

halloween dancing queen hairstyle

Perfect Your ‘Do

If you’ve ever styled an updo at home, you know that the final touches can make or break the ‘do. Here, we’d like them to make sure your hair is as big as your dancing queen persona. Epperson recommends warming a formula like Dry Shampoo Paste 05 between your palms before working it into your roots all over your head.

Before heading out the door, you’ll want to break up some of the too-perfect ringlets in your ‘do. Working one at a time, hold the end of the curl and use the fingers of your other hand to gently push the hair upward. This creates a more textured finish.

Finally, spritz your style with Windblown 05 Dry Texturizing Hairspray to totally set your style. Dance off into the night—you earned it!

Interested in having your Halloween hair professionally styled? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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