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How To Keep Your Hair Straight For 24 Hours In 6 Easy Steps

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Anyone who likes to wear their hair straight knows, straightening your mane is the easy part. Keeping your hair straight—for more than 24 hours no less—that’s where things start to get tricky.

Whether you have dark brown hair or purple highlights, sometimes you want to rock a sleek hairstyle that will last all day regardless of your daily tasks or humid temperatures. That’s why we put together six easy steps to keep your hair straight for 24 hours. It’s time to stop lugging around your flat iron and try our simple tips. You’ll be sure to look like you just stepped out the salon all day long.


Wash Your Hair

The key to long-lasting straight locks lies in the prep and aftercare of your mane. While this first step may seem self-explanatory, it’s often overlooked. Washing your hair before straightening your stands will help eliminate any greasiness or product buildup. Leaving you with smooth, shiny, and most importantly, long-lasting results.

We recommend using the L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Pro Keratin Liss Unlimited shampoo and conditioner. The professional duo is formulated to create intense smoothing for your locks which is exactly the prep you need for straight hair.


Air Dry Your Hair

When it comes to the health of your mane, the less heat, the better. So skip blow drying your mane after your shower and let it air dry to avoid using unnecessary heat. To ensure that your locks don’t get too frizzy, apply a quarter-sized amount of the Matrix Style Link Chill Boho Smoothing Air-Dry Cream to your damp hair. The formula smoothes the hair for a lightweight, frizz controlled finish. No heat needed, no fuss, no flyaways.


Protect Your Hair

We can’t say this enough—protect your luscious locks!. Instead of playing with fire—literally and figuratively—always use a heat protectant. If couldn’t resist a quick blow dry after washing your hair, make sure to use the Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Blow Dry Primer. The leave-in milk helps polish and nourish your hair while offering high-heat protection. Simply distribute a quarter-sized amount of product throughout your damp hair before applying any heat.

If you ditched the blow dry and dried your hair au natural, you’re not in the clear just yet. Most of us know that even the slightest bit of humidity can quickly turn your sleek strands into a giant ball of frizz. To avoid a disheveled look, we recommend using an anti-frizz heat protectant to act as the ultimate safeguard for your locks. We love Kérastase’s Discipline Fluidissime Spray for its 72-hour protection against frizz and heat.


Straighten In Sections

We’ve all had those mornings when we wake up with an irreversible cowlick that forces us to straighten our hair. While we understand desperate times call for desperate measures, one of the easiest ways to ruin your hairstyle is lazily straightening your mane the first time around.

If you want to guarantee your look stays put all day, you’re going to want to work with your mane in small pieces. Starting at the back of your head, take a 1-inch section of hair and apply a spritz of heat protectant before passing a flatiron over the section. Once you’ve straightened that small piece, repeat that step until you’ve completed your entire head. Straightening your hair in small sections will help to ensure there are no flyaways wreaking havoc on your polished look.


Finish With Finishing Spray

By now, we’re hoping we’ve taught you at least one of two things: that humidity is straight hair’s number one rival and that products formulated to combat humidity are the answer to your prayers. Therefore, use a humidity resistant finishing spray to ensure your hair behaves for the next 24 hours. We suggest a couple spritzes of Matrix Style Link Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray. The humidity resistant formula offers long-lasting hold and shine without any flaking or tacky feeling.


Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

You’ve made it this far and the only thing keeping you from having silky, straight hair for 24-hours is a full night of sleep. Of all the ways to protect your hair while sleeping, investing in a silk pillowcase is the best for maintaining straight hair. When compared to cotton or fleece pillowcases, the smooth material can help reduce any stress and friction done to the hair while sleeping. If you’re looking to wake up with the least amount of bents, dents, and frizz, a silk pillowcase might be something worth the splurge.

Now, we understand that maintaining straight hair for 24-hours is no easy feat. However, with a little bit of product and patience, you’ll be sure to slay your sleek hairstyle all day long.

If you’re looking for more expert tips, use our salon locator to find a stylist near you.

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