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How To Make A Hair Bow In 6 No-Fuss Steps

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Bows are having a real moment in the beauty community. Around the holidays, we began noticing velvet and satin hair bows sneaking into ponytails and updos. Once the weather warmed, printed scarves and lighter fabrics made the perfect accent to any breezy ‘do. Wondering how to make a hair bow of your own? Have no fear.

To start, you’ll want to think about the finished look of your style and where you’ll be wearing it. Does your hair bow need to go to a happy hour or a formal wedding? Once you know where this particular bow is headed and take into account season, you’ll be better-suited to choose the correct fabric for it. For warm weather, we recommend a pastel or neutral-colored chiffon bow. During colder weather, a thick velvet will do the trick.

Remember: Purchase more ribbon than you think you’ll need for your hair. If it’s too long, get a pal to trim the ends before you leave the house. Better safe than trying to pull together an undersize (and underwhelming) bow at the last minute! We recommend picking up a little fray glue to prevent last-minute strings from stealing the limelight.

Once your ribbon has been purchased, it’s time to style your hair. If your concern is looking chic and modern, style your mane in a low ponytail with a slight beachy wave. Think about putting the bow several images back from where you’d ordinarily place the hair elastic, creating the illusion of no-effort style. We also love smaller hair bows when they’re put in high ponytails or half-ponytails, taking a childhood style and making it totally adult-appropriate. To make sure these look as voluminous as possible, use a backcomb effect finishing spray like Kérastase's Volume In Powder.

With your hairstyle secured, it’s time to start tying. Hold your ribbon flat below your elastic, then tie it in a knot around your ponytail or updo. Use your fingers to tie first one loop, then the other, taking care not to twist the ribbon as you work. When you’re all done, make sure the wings of the bow are even and clean-looking. Voila! Your bow is all finished.

There may be nothing more straightforward than just tying a bow every time you feel the urge to wear one, but we understand repeating the same steps can be tedious. To ensure you have the perfect bow every time, use a hot glue gun to secure your knot in place (when the bow is not on your head) and attach the ribbon to a barrette.

If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with more ways to make bows a part of your daily hair routines. A neon chiffon scarf can look gorgeous as a headband with a bow, while a thin piece of colorful ribbon will make a braid feel extra polished. This is the year of hair accessories, so run wild with them while you can.

Want personalized styling advice about how to wear hair bows? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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