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How To Style A Dutch Braid In 7 Steps

how to style a dutch braid
The Dutch braid doesn’t always get its due. On social media platforms jam-packed with fishtails and French braids, who has time to learn another braiding technique? That’s the hidden genius of the Dutch braid: You don’t even need to pick up a new skill.

If you’ve already learned how to do a French braid, you’ll be Dutch braiding with no added effort, just pulling each piece under instead of over for an inside-out effect. You’re ready to get to work learning how to style a Dutch braid.

What you’ll need:

Arm yourself with a detangling brush, texturizing spray (we love L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.Art Next Day Hair), and a hair elastic.


Make it clear which hair you’re braiding.

The number one mistake stylists often tell us about is clients who don’t section their hair before attempting to style it. To avoid tangled strands and dropped sections, take a comb and clearly define which hair you’ll be working with. In this case, we’ve chosen the top section of hair.
Clip the rest of the hair away so it can’t trip you up.


how to style a dutch braid

Get a grip.

Clean or very fine hair can be complicated to braid because it slips through your fingers and out of braids. To make Dutch braiding a little easier on yourself, work with second-day hair or fake it with the help of a texturizing spray or dry shampoo.


how to style a dutch braid

Grab your sections.

The first step in any braid is choosing the pieces you’ll braid with. For a Dutch braid, take three small sections at the hairline. Aim for them to be on the narrower side since you’ll be adding hair as you go.


how to style a dutch braid

Start braiding.

Finally, you’re set to begin. Cross the right section under the center, making it the center section.


how to style a dutch braid

Cross again.

Cross the left section under the new center, making it the center section. If you get stuck the first few times, don’t be afraid to scrap the braid and start again. How do you think professional hair stylists get so good at this? It’s pure practice.


how to style a dutch braid

Keep going.

Repeat the step with the right section, this time picking up a small amount of hair when you do.

Repeat the same step with the left section.

Continue braiding, adding more hair as you go.


how to style a dutch braid

Finish it off.

Tie off the Dutch braid with an elastic. If you like the look of a thicker braid, this is where you can pancake the braid to create the illusion of fullness. Applying a medium hold hairspray like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.Art Infinium 3 is a smart choice to ensure your new Dutch braid stays put.


how to style a dutch braid

Find yourself a little Dutch braid inspo.

Now that you’ve mastered the Dutch braid, you’re free to try variations on it. Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite Dutch braid styles.


Double Dutch Braided Bun

To make this classy style work, part your hair down the center and craft a Dutch braid on either side of your head. Finish with a sleek chignon, and don’t be afraid to pull a few face-framing pieces out for a more youthful final look.


Accent Braids

Cornrows are just Dutch braids done on a super small scale, which makes them perfect for curls in search of protective styles. Have your curls and braids at the same time by making use of a few strategic accent braids. Remember: Sectioning is key.


Double Dutch Ponyail

You’ve heard of boxer braids, but what about the boxer ponytail? It’s the perfect style to spice up your braids in a distinctly original way.

For customized braiding advice, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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