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5 Female Hairstylists Who Are Changing The Hair World

International Womens Day

March 8th, 2019, marks the 45th annual International Women’s Day—and what better way to celebrate a day dedicated to women than with a killer hairstyle? Here at Hair.com, we recognize our manes would be nothing without the capable hands and vast knowledge of our professional hairstylists. The stylists we love and admire are known for far more than just styling hair, however—they’re literally changing the industry.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting four female hairstylists who are making the world more colorful. From jaw-dropping color transformations to modern iterations of styles that impacted history, these five women are transforming the way people think about hair.

brunette balayage

Min Kim (@minkimcolorist)

Min Kim is a world-renowned celebrity colorist, international balayage educator, and L’Oréal Professional brand ambassador who is changing the way people think about customized hair color. From subtle highlights to jaw-dropping fantasy colors, Kim proves that hair color can change the way you see yourself as well as the way other people view you, but also. Her skilled hands create stunning customized colors beautifully blending natural hues with on-trend shades to bring out the best in her clients’ hair. Kim’s our resident color guru on Hair.com, advising us on everything from the right way to care for your hair color to the difference between balayage, highlights, and ombre.

Yvonne texture

Yvonne Daly (@yvonniesmooth)

As a Mizani artist, Yvonne Daly strives to change the way people think about textured hair in the hair industry. For far too long, professional stylists have avoided styling textured hair by calling it unmanageable and relying on harsh chemicals to get rid of kinks and curls. Daly knows textured hair has no limits and spends her time behind the chair manipulating and highlighting textures of all types into breathtaking styles. Daly proves texture has no color, setting the bar high for herself and the stylists who aspire to be like her. 

sherry mcdonald

Sherry Macdonald (@mayrahkeesalon)

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis that can affect every part of your life—especially your hair. If you speak to women who have undergone cancer treatments, many will recount how devastating it was to lose their hair during countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

Sherry Macdonald, a L’Oréal Professional artist, wanted a way to help cancer patients feel better about themselves and make it easier for them to step out in the world feeling confident with or without hair. At her business May-Rah-Kee Salon in Florida, she offers complimentary wig fittings for patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.

“We just wanted to do something...as they were going through the process of losing hair or trying to find a wig that fit properly and then having the wig look as real as possible,” she explains.

This small act of kindness helps to change the way women feel about losing their hair. With less focus on the devastating effects of hair loss, cancer patients can spend all of their time and energy fighting the harrowing disease.

Dorothy Dandridge Pin Curls

Reece Brown-Willis (@styledbyreece)

Reece Brown-Willis, a Mizani artist, may be young, but she’s already reached incredible levels of success. One of the many reasons she’s been able to do so is because she’s never forgotten about the women that came before her. Brown-Willis relies on the history-making hairstyles of the past to inspire her work.

Whether she’s creating a stunning modern iteration of Dorothy Dandridge’s pin curls or putting her spin on Prince’s iconic curls, Brown-Willis knows how important it is to pay homage to the stylists and celebrities who created hair history. At Hair.com the stylist fills us in on everything we need to know about how to care for and style textured hair.

Pepper Pastor Blue Hair

Pepper Pastor (@pepperpastor)

From working backstage at New York Fashion Week to owning her own salon, Pepper Pastor’s had a career most stylists could only dream of. As the Kérastase’s lead artist's career flourishes, she’s found her true passion in helping shape and mold the stylists of the future.

“My role has taken more of a mentorship type of role,” she says. “It’s less about ‘how can you do a really great bun’ and more about ‘what does that mean for your brand, where is that bun going’ and honing artists in on what their intention is in their career. If they are going to juggle, how to do that and how to do that successfully.”

Pastor’s invaluable guidance has helped to create some of the stylists we know and love today, including Mizani’s very own Reece Willis-Brown. If there’s a stylist you follow on social media that you can’t get enough of, chances are good Pastor’s had a hand in shaping their career.

Interested in having your hair done by an incredible woman stylist? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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