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Mother Of Pearl: The Iridescent Color Trend You Need To Try This Spring

The latest spring hair trend is mother of pearl iridescent hair. Discover this beautiful pink hair trend's best styles and tips to try today.

It’s that point in February where spring is so close I can feel it. The coming change in season prompts the ultimate question: Do I keep my hair dark, or do I go lighter? If you’re not sure what the answer to this question is, we’ve got just the hue to convince you it’s time to lighten up: Mother of pearl—a platinum, iridescent hue that will get you ready for spring weather and out of that cold winter slump.

Wondering what exactly mother of pearl hair color is? Read below to find out more about this colorful trend.

Good hair day by @honeyhousehair.

What is mother of pearl hair color?

Mother of pearl hair color looks just the way you’d imagine it—platinum blonde with hints of pastel blue, pink, and lavender. The iridescent tone is one that may remind you of a pearl in a clam or the tail of a mermaid.

This dimensional shade adds a shiny, metallic finish to platinum manes. If you’re looking for an edgier hue without wearing all the color of the rainbow, mother of pearl hair color is perfect for you.

In order to achieve mother of pearl hair, your colorist will need to use bleach to lift your current color completely. Bleach will always cause damage, but talk to your colorist and ask what they can do to ensure that your strands stay as healthy as possible throughout the process.

Good hair day by @honeyhousehair.

How do you care for mother of pearl hair color?

Changing your hair color to mother of pearl will require a change in your hair care routine as well. Caring for mother of pearl hair entails more maintenance than a traditional hue because of the platinum undertone and pastel colors. This means swapping out some of your hair care products for ones that are formulated for color-treated hair.

We recommend making the change from your regular shampoo and conditioner to Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo And Conditioner. This system keeps fade-resistant, long-lasting colors looking bold, feeling addictively soft, and radiating with prismatic shine. The shampoo and conditioner will help to maintain the vibrancy of the pastel undertones in your mane while cleansing and conditioning your strands.

Matrix also offers the Keep Me Vivid Lamination Spray and Velvetizer Protective Balm to add to your new hair care routine. Matrix Lamination Spray will help to seal in color within the hair for ultra-nourished, high reflect color. Matrix Velvetizer Protective Balm leave-in treatment has a color-protecting UV filter and heat protecting qualities to prep your hair before air-dry or blow-dry styling. These combined with the shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your new mother of pearl color will last until your next hair appointment and keep you out of the salon for a little bit longer.

If your hair is feeling dry post-bleach, we recommend a weekly hair mask to keep hair soft and nourished. In addition to the Keep Me Vivid range, Pureology’s Hydrate Superfood Treatment hair mask will nourish and moisturize dry hair while strengthening the surface of the hair. Created with color-treated hair in mind, the exclusive Antifade Complex provides hair color protection.

What’s the best way to wear mother of pearl hair color?

Mother of pearl is all about color. How you choose to wear it is totally up to your discretion! Either way, this metallic hue will add shine to your hair no matter how you decide to style it. Looking for a few inspiration photos to bring to the salon? Keep scrolling for six of our favorites.

The Best Mother Of Pearl Hair Color Looks To Try Now

Good hair day by @beyondthemane_.

Mother of Pearl

A classic look of mother of pearl keeps it simple, but also perfectly showcases the vibrant colors within the shade.

Good hair day by @rockyourlocksmi.

Mother of Pearl Curls

If you’re looking to add some texture to your mane, these whimsical curls can do just that.

Good hair day by @mandypaintshair.

Mother of Pearl Bob

You might think that you need long hair in order to try mother of pearl, but that’s definitely not the case! A bob can give the hue just as much impact.

Good hair day by @nicolettegiordano.

Mother of Pearl Balayage

This balayage look goes pink to blue and can most definitely be reversed if you want cooler roots. This blend of colors gives a different take on the shade and adds a bit more shine.

Good hair day by @wanttogetcut.

Vibrant Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl doesn’t have to be restricted to just pastels! If you’re looking for something a little brighter, a vibrant take on this hue might work better for you.

Good hair day by

Mermaid Mother of Pearl

This mother of pearl hairstyle will make you rethink what a mermaid mane should look like. The waves and super long length show off the blend of pink, blue, and purple while remaining shiny and dimensional.

Ready to try mother of pearl hair color for yourself? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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