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Break Out Your Blow Dryer: Polished Hairstyles Are The Biggest Trend For 2024

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Ever since the natural hair movement took over the hair industry, textured hairstyles have absolutely dominated. These days, textured styles from ash blonde coily curls to dark brown hair styled in windblown beach waves can be found everywhere from the red carpet to fashion magazines and runways. One of the things we love the most about textured hairstyles is that they give off that perfectly undone vibe that used to take at least 30 minutes and a small arsenal of hair products to create.

As much as we love windswept hairstyles, there is something to be said about versatility. Every once and a while we want to trade in our sultry just-got-out-of-bed hair for a super polished blowout or chignon—and we’re not the only ones. Guido Palau, celebrity stylist, and one of the most coveted fashion week stylists, predicts polished hairstyles are going to be huge in 2019.

There are so many contradictions going on in beauty in a way. Real women love the option of having their natural texture one day, then having a beautiful blowout on another...With the resurgence of more finished looks, I think we’ll see a sway towards a finished blowout again.

Palau isn’t just talking the talk, he’s leading the pack. The world-renowned stylist created several polished looks for runway fashion shows this year, each more spectacular than the last.

“I think fashion is about fantasy as well as wearability. A lot of the hairstyles we’re seeing at the moment on the runway are things people can wear and do themselves which is a really great thing, but also I think I got into fashion because I loved the fantasy and some of these more done looks. I think more finished looks would be really exciting to see,” the stylist explains.

If you’re dreading 1950s helmet hair set with an entire bottle of hairspray, fear not! Polished styles have been given a much needed modern upgrade. Think structured ponytails with flipped ends, a slicked back chignon paired with a stylish accessory, and shiny blowouts. Be sure to stock your bathroom with Redken’s new Dry Shampoo Powder 02 to refresh your day three blowout.


If you want to create a finished look of your own, check out these tutorials from Palau himself.

We love to be on top of the latest trends, but if polished hairstyles just aren’t your thing—you’re in luck. As much as Palau would love to see more finished styles dominate the hair world, he says the biggest trend in the hair industry is the ability to personalize your style.

“Women and men can pick from anywhere now. Nothing seems to be out of fashion or in fashion. If you want very done hair, you want very natural hair, you want very long hair, you want very braided hair—there’s something for everyone out there,” Palau says. “They’re going to want to see everything and then choose for themselves what they want to be for that day or even that week and then they’ll change it up. It’s such a great positive time for everyone to choose anyone they want to be with their hair.”

Whether you opt for a runway worthy polished style or a lived-in red carpet look, you’re bound to be a trendsetter wherever you go.

Hoping to have a glamorously polished hairstyle for your next big event? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.


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