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11 Quiff Hairstyles For Men

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When you pictured a well-dressed, stylish man, there’s probably a distinctive picture that comes to mind: a tailored suit, some pricey dress shoes, and a classic hairstyle like the quiff. 

Although the term itself may not ring a bell, the quiff is a timeless men’s style that you’ve most likely seen on actors, movie spies, and (probably) your next-door neighbor. Unlike the pompadour, which pumps volume into long hair straight from the hairline and requires ultra-short sides, the quiff is about texture and length all over the head.

We love the quiff because it fits almost any age, hair length, or lifestyle. Whether you take a choppy, edgy approach to the style or comb your quiff back like a gentleman, you can be sure it’ll work with your daily routine.

Classic Quiff

The classic quiff is one of those can’t-fail haircuts, one that suits everyone with a solid hairline and a desire to look stylish. The hair is left long on top of the head, tapering to a close crop at the neckline. Your stylist will most likely create a side part, distributing your longest strands on either side of it. For a nostalgic touch, ask your stylist to leave your sideburns intact. 

Pro tip: It’s important to invest in the right tools to keep the classic quiff looking good. A fine-toothed comb, hair pomade, and a trimmer for your neck will be your new favorite accessories.

Modern Quiff

If the classic quiff style is all about the gentle progression from the long top to the much-shorter sides, then the modern quiff is an amped up version of the look. Here, everything is about exaggeration. The drama and visual interest come from the disconnect between an extra-long top and very short sides. 

If you like the versatility of length on top but would rather not have hair sitting close to your ears and neck, try the modern quiff.

Short Quiff

The short quiff is a modern take on a classic style, which means close-cropped sides with a longer top. Your barber or stylist will create a hard side part with a trimmer, buzzing a thin, shaved line in place of a soft part. Instead of long, slicked-back strands on top, you’ll have a shorter version of the style. 

The result? A military-inspired cut that looks particularly dapper when paired with a light beard.

Long Quiff

The long quiff is the kind of haircut we imagine business tycoons and Ivy League heirs wear. Instead of close-cropped hair, this style is all about the drama. Long sides brush the tops of the ears, while the top section is left long for maximum movement. 

If you’ve been growing out your hair but miss having a polished look, the long quiff is your new favorite style.

Disconnected Undercut Quiff

Like the hip younger brother of the long quiff, the disconnected undercut quiff takes a classic style and flips it on its head. For this style, your barber will trim down the sides and back of the head while leaving the top long. 

Far from looking mismatched, the disconnected undercut is a surprisingly sophisticated take on the quiff. We recommend it for men who are willing to take a style risk (and see it pay off).

Side Quiff

Just as its name suggests, the side quiff is all about sweeping the top portion of your hair over to one side. Your stylist will start by creating a deep side part, then trim up your sides. 

For this look to work, it’s important to understand how to create volume in the top section of your hair using product (we’re big fans of volume-boosting powders). If that’s not a skill set you already have, be sure to ask your barber for a brief tutorial before getting up from the chair.

Front Quiff

If you’re anything like us, the thought of hair dramatically brushed forward can leave you with terrible memories of early ‘00s boy bands. Still, this front quiff isn’t anything like the gel-encrusted styles you may remember. 

Instead of combing your hair back, your stylist will push it forward in a dramatic faux-hawk. Your quiff will be longest at the hairline, tapering toward the crown of the head.

Rugged Quiff

The classic quiff is all about a spiffy dedication to looking polished, but the rugged quiff is just the opposite. Texture and volume are the keywords here, as well an I-just-woke-up kind of rumpled that’s incredibly sexy. 

With short sides and a textured, disheveled top section, you can’t lose. Just be sure to have your stylist walk you through the correct way to apply product before finishing up your hair appointment.

Bouffant Quiff

Think of the bouffant quiff as the beautiful union of the pompadour and the classic quiff. This style is not for the faint of heart (or those who’d rather blend into the background). It’s also a look that takes significant styling experience. 

Keeping your sides short, your stylist will just barely trim your length on top before blowing it up, over, and back into a loose interpretation of the pompadour shape. If you’ve never worked a blow dryer before, the bouffant quiff is probably not for you. This style is all about drama, baby.

Flat Top Quiff

The flat top quiff has taken plenty of hits as a visual punchline in comedic films, but that doesn’t mean it’s a look to avoid. Instead of tapering your hair in a way that looks organic, your stylist will comb your top length upwards, buzzing off any extra length. Because he or she uses the comb as a guideline, you’ll be left with a very precise, intricate line. 

Unlike other quiff styles, your barber will most likely trim your sides very short to create a seamless fade.

Curly Quiff

In our estimation, men with curly hair don’t get nearly enough love. That’s why we’re such fans of this ringlet-boosting style, one that trims the sides but leaves the top long enough to form 

curls. If you’re tired of hair that only seems to grow outwards, never down, bring structure to your natural texture with this quiff look.

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