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2022 Hair Trend: Experimentation Is Back—Rebel Cuts, Vibrant Colors, And More

Are you ready for a totally new ‘do this year? Learn about the out-of-the-box hair trends that are taking over in 2022.

Experimentation Is Back

  • After a year of DIY hair color or putting off appointments, people are returning to salons and making the most out of their experience.
  • Temporary hair color products like color-depositing conditioners and in-salon hair gloss like Redken Shades EQ make it easy to experiment without commitment.
  • Dramatic haircut trends like the wolf cut, shaggy layers, and mullets will dominate.
  • Daring hair color trends like gray and shades of red will be the most sought-after shades.

Want to learn more? Keep scrolling to discover the trends we can’t get enough of and the products you need to keep your new look in tip-top shape.

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Everything you need to know about rebel cuts, vibrant colors, And more.

What The Pros Say:

Leave your dramatic hair transformations in the hands of a professional stylist. The trendiest haircuts of 2022 are about texture, texture, and more texture. Take a new hair color for a spin before committing with a gloss service. Use color-protecting products to keep your vibrant hue looking its best. Opt for extensions to add equal parts length and drama.

Watch the video below to learn how to take care of your scalp while wearing your protective hairstyle.

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