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Salon Spotlight: The Glam Room, In Kansas City, MO

photo inside The Glam Room Kansas City, MO

When Carl Glorioso, owner of The Glam Room in Kansas City, Missouri, first began working in the hair industry, hair styling played second fiddle to his love of performing. Over the next two decades, however, his love of the beauty industry eclipsed his passion for performance—and his well-coifed clients couldn’t be happier. Whether you’re looking for an on-trend cut or showstopping color, Glorioso and his staff have got you covered. If you’re in Kansas City, continue reading to find out why you should make an appointment at The Glam Room ASAP.

The Glam Room, Kansas City, MO

The Brand

Twenty-four years ago, Glorioso was a full-time performer dedicating all of his time to singing, dancing, and acting. As much as he loved his life as a performer, he knew the day would come when he could no longer spend his days pushing his body to the limit, and he’d need something to fall back on. Already a lover of fashion and beauty, Glorioso figured a career in the beauty industry would be a natural fit, and he enrolled in cosmetology school.

After graduation, Glorioso started an assistant program with one of the premier salons in Kansas City, and he fell in love with styling hair instantly.

“I started doing hair right away, and you know, never stopped. So 24 years later, here we are,” the stylist says. “I did my performance stuff in between, of course, but I loved color. I love the chemical aspect of it, the application, and then, of course, the result.”

After a decade in the industry, Glorioso knew he was ready to take on his next challenge: opening up his own salon.

“I had a vision and a dream. I always knew that I wanted to lead a company. This was back when the industry was going independent and I realized a couple of things when that happened,” Glorioso explains. “The industry turned away from the guest experience and focused on the stylist experience, like what made it easiest for them. I always wanted to create that original feel of what a salon is supposed to be.”

Thus, The Glam Room was born. A one-stop-shop for all of your beauty needs that puts the needs and the experience of the customer first.

The Glam Room, Kansas City, MO

The Location

Having been so inspired by the salons of the past, when it came time to purchase and set up his salon Glorioso knew exactly the vibe he was trying to create.

“When we bought the space, I loved that there was exposed brick and we're in the oldest building in Kansas City. So that historic vibe, bringing old and new together just kind of made sense,” he says. “I wanted my guests to know that walking in the door, they were going to get the history behind what this industry is, along with the latest and greatest innovations.”

Located in the heart of Kansas City, The Glam Room is complete with high wooden ceilings, vintage architecture, and touches of modern opulence. A quick tour of the massive salon will reveal manicure and pedicure stations, makeup counters, and private rooms for spa treatments, each decked out with vintage and modern accessories.

The Glam Room, Kansas City, MO

The Products

After so many years in the industry, Glorioso knew a salon is only as good as the products that line the shelves. So when it came time to stock his salon Glorioso knew he only wanted to use the best of the best. The owner reached out to L’Oreal and decided to carry several of their professional brands, including L’Oréal Professionnel, Redken, and Pureology.

“I wanted something that was going to do what it says and L'Oreal is definitely known for their color and the result that their color gives. It is definitely a premium hair color and I only want the best for our guests,” the stylist says.

With so many product and brand options, you’d think it would be hard to pinpoint a bestseller. Still, Glorioso says there’s one product they just can’t keep on the shelves: L’Oréal Professionnel’s Vitamino Color A-OX 10-In-1 Leave-In Spray.

“That is definitely a go-to that I think every guest should have because it is a leave-in spray that's going to help of course condition your hair, but it's also going to protect it from heat and UV rays,” he explains. “It's going to give everything that your hair needs in basically a pump. So that is really, really popular.”

The Glam Room, Kansas City, MO

The Services

When we said The Glam Room is a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs, we weren’t kidding. The salon offers a full range of services from women’s haircuts ($44.00+), blowouts ($34.00+), and highlights ($115.00+) to body waxing, massage, and med spa services.

“It was very important for us to offer a wide range of services because, as I said, it goes back to that original salon experience,” Glorioso says. “People are really busy these days and it's easier for them to be able to enjoy multiple services on one trip versus making five different appointments at five different times of the month.”

The menu of services may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, but The Glam Room isn’t a salon where clients get lost in the shuffle.

“Services are very customized to what the need of the guest is. We have specialists in each department that clients are able to talk to if they have an interest in another one of our departments,” the stylist explains. “We don't just try to throw services out there that we want people to utilize. It just depends on what their personal need is for a service.”

The Glam Room, Kansas City, MO

The Details

The Glam Room is located at 308 Delaware Street, Kansas City, MO. To book an appointment, visit or download their free app The Glam Room. Follow the salon on Instagram @theglamroomkc and Facebook.

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