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5 Flattering Short Haircuts For Square Faces

short haircuts for square faces

Finding a haircut that flatters your face shape is basically like scoring the one gorgeous sweater in a sea of ugly ones at a fast fashion sale. In short, it’s a miracle sent from the hair gods to make your face look slimmer and your ends sharper.

If you suspect your face shape leans toward square, grab a mirror and double check. If your cheekbones are approximately the same width as your jawline and forehead, you’ll need a haircut for square faces.

Before you sit down with your stylist for the final snip-snip-snip, it’s important to get a little inspiration and understand what kind of cuts show off your square face to best advantage. We’re focusing on cuts that fall softly around the face, doing away with harsh lines in favor of creating the illusion of a face that’s softly rounded. All you’ll need to do is bookmark this page and bring it to your hair stylist. We’ve got you covered!

Shoulder Length Lob With Waves

When we’re talking about balancing out a square face, it’s important to think about the ways cuts and texture create volume. Hair that just hangs highlights the sharp edges of your face instead of softening them.

For a modern, on-trend cut, we stand by the shoulder length lob as the ideal cut for square faces. The excess length will visually lengthen your face, making it a little less boxy, and layered volume throughout the mid-lengths and ends will ensure your mane doesn’t fall flat. Add bedhead texture for an even more chic approach.

Traditional Bob With Side Bangs

If you’re a square-faced lady who has yet to give long side bangs a chance, you’ve spent your whole life missing out. Sorry, but it’s true. This delicate fringe style mimics the shape of an oval or round face, thereby slimming down your profile. Plus, it’s an excellent visual trick for those of us born with the proverbial “fivehead” (like a forehead, but with more skin).

Ask your stylist for a cut that falls between your shoulder and chin, elongating your neck to swanlike proportions while curving gently around your chiseled jawline. As always, we recommend a gentle curling wand wave or tousled look. Any movement will seriously flatter your face shape.

Choppy Angled Bob

Here’s another way to flatter your square face: Play up that killer jawline with an angled bob. This is a sophisticated look, one that’s just as appropriate for the corporate boardroom as it is for a casual happy hour with your friends.

For the best take on this style, ask your stylist for a bob that sits at or just below your jaw. The angle of the cut should mimac your natural bone structure, with lots of movement throughout the cut.

Long Pixie Cut

When you think pixie cut, you probably conjure up the mental image of a close-cropped style that doesn’t do your face any favors and certainly doesn’t leave any room for you to play. A long pixie bob, by contrast, falls around eye height in gentle, feminine swoops. It’s an excellent way to show off your enviable jawline without feeling too square about the whole thing.

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