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14 Classic & Trendy Short Haircuts For Women

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If you’re a woman, choosing short haircuts is a bold move. Long hair has been the gender norm for years, forcing ladies of decades past to spend time and money tying back their unwieldy manes.

These days, we’re a lot more flexible about the styles that sit on top of our heads. Increasingly fluid gender lines mean we’re less worried about any preconceived notions about what our hairstyles mean. Whether you’re ultra-feminine or something a little tougher (or, of course, something between the two extremes), there’s a short haircut that’s an excellent fit for you.

Why bother with lengths that snarl, break, and require regular styling? Wash and go is the best lifestyle choice you’ll ever make. If you have a working knowledge of hair styling products and would rather be caught dead than in a blowout bar, we bet you’re ready for the big cut.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a timeless style, one that’s traditionally belonged to manic pixie dream girls and breathless ingénues in movies. Break the mold with a tough pixie cut, one that uses texturizing pomade to add edge to the look. This look is particularly gorgeous when it comes in stark white blonde or black. The resulting style is punchy but simple—just the way we like it.


When it comes to short hairstyles, your brain probably jumps directly to your mother’s layered bob. Take a step back and opt for something that feels a little more youthful. The undercut introduces a shaved element to your look, taking short hair from “mom-friendly” to “art school chic.”

Line Undercut

Like the classic undercut, the line undercut features a fade that rises all the way up to temple height. Unlike the more traditional take on the style, however, this version relies on a hard part to make the look even more punk rock. Instead of allowing the hair on your crown to fall naturally, your stylist will carve a line around the top section.

Hidden Undercut

This style straddles the line between long and short hair, settling in a perfect middle area between the two. Instead of asking your stylist to trim all the hair on your nape and sides, you’ll keep the undercut to a single section. Whether you choose to hide a short patch at your neck or above one ear, you’ll always have the option of concealing it or displaying it proudly.

Diagonal Undercut

The diagonal undercut may not be as universally beloved as the standard take on the style, but we’re obsessed with this unexpected look. Instead of creating a hidden undercut at the nape of the neck, your stylist or barber will buzz the hair away at a sharp angle. If you’ve always wanted an excuse to wear more side ponytails or buns, the diagonal undercut is exactly what you’ve been waiting to try.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut for women has always been an option, but until this year we didn’t realize how trendy the look could be. Celebrities and models have been shaving away their pesky lengths in favor of a style that’s elegant in its simplicity. If you’ve already tried a short look and are ready for something a little more intense, give the buzz cut a shot.

Short Shag

We’re all about including effortless layers whenever possible, so that makes a choppy short cut an obvious choice. Shaggy, feathered strands are back in style, creating movement while boosting volume at the crown. If you’re looking for an effortless, ‘70s-inspired style, short layers are the right decision. Just be sure to pick up a pair of bell bottom jeans, too.

Wedge Cut

While we’re talking decades, why not try the wedge cut? The ‘60s-inspired cut is a pleasantly retro look that we’re starting to see on social media for the first time. Instead of clipping your strands in the traditional manner, your stylist will lift sections of hair perpendicular to your face. Then, he or she will cut the sections at an angle. The result? Hair that’s shorter toward the neck, longer at the crown.

A-Line Cut

The A-line cut is one you may remember from ‘00s pop stars. Instead of cutting your hair in a single length all around the head, your stylist will steeply angle the cut toward your face. The cut has two notable advantages over other short haircuts: It creates the illusion of a sharp jaw line for those who’d like a little help, and makes hair seem thicker than it is.


The quiff cut may have been created for men, but it’s women who really do justice to the elegant style. Like the pompadour, the quiff relies on a dramatic, voluminous front portion and a short back. We like this look for ladies with particularly defined features. If you’re working with a softer jaw line or fine hair, a textured style may be a better choice.


Finally, we’ve arrived at the classic short hairstyle for women. The bob has come a long way since your mom’s days, and it’s not the meek look your thought you knew. These days, the bob is blunt and beautiful, making a fashion statement on the heads of supermodels and influencers. To make sure you’re getting the most flattering cut, it’s crucial to choose a stylist who’s known for his or her short cuts. Be sure to take the time for a consultation before settling back in the salon chair.


All good things eventually have to change and evolve eventually, and that’s exactly what’s happened to the bob. The newest iteration of the style is the lob, an immensely popular, shoulder length cut that encourages messy waves and beachy texture. The lob is flattering on all face shapes and hair types, so there’s no downside to trying it out.


Faux-hawks are no longer the domain of middle school boys discovering hair gel for the first time. We like a sophisticated, grown-up version of the faux-hawk, one that plays with texture and length. For an added style statement, consult with a colorist who may be able to add a pop of pastel to your look.

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