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The Bride Wore A Pixie: 13 Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas You Need

photo of woman with pixie cut short wedding hairstyle

You’re planning a wedding—congratulations! We’re here to tell you what every bridal magazine and blog will not: On your special day, the most important thing you can do is feel like yourself. Whether “you” is an updo with three packs of extensions or a cropped pixie cut, it’s beautiful.

It often seems as if brides with short hair don’t get the same love their longer-haired sisters do. If you’re on the hunt for a dose of wedding inspo but can’t bear to part with your pixie, say no more. These 13 short wedding hairstyles will ensure you’re photo-ready and gorgeous all the way down the aisle.

Headband Braid

It’s a myth that women with short hair can’t wear the same kind of unique braids longer-haired ladies can. We particularly love the headband braid, which adds volume to the overall style while simultaneously providing texture.

For this look, your stylist will work with a section of hair just behind one ear, fishtail braiding it up and over the top of the head. Once he or she has firmly secured the style behind your other ear, all you’ll require is a bit of texturizing spray to look relaxed and ready for your special day.

Bouffant Braid

A talented stylist builds volume even when there isn’t a lot of length to work with. This bouffant style ingeniously creates photo-friendly volume while keeping the hair back and away from the face.

For this look, your stylist will use a hair rat or backcomb at the crown, coating the teased area with hairspray before smoothing a layer of hair over the top of it. Working from a deep side part, he or she will begin to braid the larger section of hair over your ear and to the nape. If you’d like a little extra flash in your wedding ‘do, add a jeweled comb to complete the style.

Modern Blowout

We’re of the opinion that no updo is more beautiful than a flattering, fresh haircut. If you have the time to get a blunt bob cut a day or so before the wedding, a fresh blowout is all the bridal glam you need.

Not in possession of a hair appointment the week before your nuptials? No worries. We recommend seeking out a local stylist to give your hair a dusting in the days before you walk down the aisle.

Textured Pixie

If you’ve been blessed with a defined jawline and cheekbones carved by the bridal gods, don’t bury those assets behind a curtain of hair. Instead, make a statement with the aid of a textured pixie. As a bonus, this classic look will be in style long after your fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Ask your stylist for a blowout that focuses on height and lived-in texture. Once he or she is done heat styling, there’s a good chance a pomade will come into play. The waxy formula will create separation while holding your pixie in place.

Curly Half Bun

Yes, your wedding is a very important day. That’s no excuse for overthinking it until you’re at the point of tears. Instead of freaking out over bridal expectations, just choose a style you know will make you feel comfortable and allow you to enjoy the day. Enter the curly half bun, a bobbed style that’s as versatile as it is beautiful.

Jeweled Updo

The best part of being the bride is wearing as many sparkles as you think appropriate without judgment. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your bedazzled vision, clip a glittery bridal chain into a simple chignon at the nape of your neck. If you don’t have enough length to make the style happen, try either clip-in extensions or a padded bun base to fill out the final product.

Flower Crown

Boho beauties shouldn’t feel trapped by the wedding industry’s intense love of faux diamonds. If it’s nature that really calls your name, pay homage to Mother Earth with your bridal hairstyle. Ask your stylist to work a collection of smaller braids into your hair, tucking small pieces of Waxflower (or any other favorite bloom) around your face. To ensure your smile is the focal point, stick to tiny, bright blooms.

Sleek And Side Parted

Plenty of brides don’t feel the need to be hyper-feminine on their wedding day. If androgyny is more your style than lace and tulle is, clue in your stylist. In salon, the pair of you can work to create a sleek, shiny take on formal hair that doesn’t involve flowers and bows. The crisp part should be the focal point of this dramatic, modern look.

Bombshell Volume

If there’s one day you should absolutely live like you’re an Italian movie star, it’s the day you get married. For short hair, few styles are more eye-catching than an amped-up roller ‘do. Your stylist will twist up your hair in hot rollers, letting it cool before setting your ringlets with strong hold hairspray and letting them loose. Pair this style with a mermaid cut or bodycon dress to amp up the va-va-voom quality of your ceremony.

Tucked Double Braid

Are you more of a minimalist, no-fuss bride? Try this tucked double braid, which works well with both bangs and a side part. After cleaning and drying your locks, your stylist will create two braids that travel from your part to just above your ear. Cleverly hidden with pins, these braids will keep your hair out of your eyes as you shake it on the dance floor.

Tied With A Bow

The hair ribbon has made a real return to fashion, combining feminine fabrics with modern silhouettes. If you don’t have much length to work with but still want to make an impact, a silk, satin, or velvet ribbon can serve as the perfect accent to your updo.

Embellished Curly Pineapple

Curly girls, we haven’t forgotten about you! Make a pineapple updo feel extra special for your wedding by clipping in a chain or adding a comb. Your wedding style will look camera-ready from the front and the back.


Drama is the name of the game when it comes to the bridal pompadour. If you’re already wearing a disconnected short cut, all you’ll need to get ceremony-ready is a bottle of hairspray and a mirror.

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