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The Skin-ification Of Hair: From Root To Tip

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Working at a place like Hair.com, it’d be easy to assume my beauty obsession is all hair all of the time—and you’d be partly right, but if I’m honest, skincare is my first true love. I remember spending hours browsing the drug store before spending all of my allowance on cleansers and face masks that promised me clear, poreless, radiant skin. These days, my #SelfCareSundays aren’t complete without must-have skin tools and products. That’s why I’m so excited about the latest trend to take over the hair world, one we’re calling: The skin-ification of hair.

Like your skin, hair is delicate and needs extra TLC to stay glossy and gorgeous! In 2020, we see the rise of salon services and products that cater to the art of healthy-looking hair. Looking to get in on what is bound to be one of the hottest hair trends of the year? Below, we’re breaking down our favorite ways to incorporate our favorite skincare principles into our hair care routines.


This trend is ripped straight from our tried and true skincare routines! Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp can benefit from a little extra TLC. Scalp scrubs are one of the best ways to indulge in the skin-ification of hair trend and give your scalp the attention and care it needs.

A healthy scalp is often the key to a healthy mane, and a scalp scrub can be a key component in making sure your scalp is in tip-top shape. The primary benefit of exfoliating your scalp is very similar to the benefits of exfoliating your skin—to help buff away dry spots and flakes.

Looking for a scalp scrub to incorporate into your hair care routine? I can’t get enough of these scrubs from Kérastase.

Kérastase Scrub Apisant Soothing Scalp Scrub

This relaxing scalp scrub for all normal to dry hair and scalp types formulated with jojoba oil, vitamin B5, and sweet orange essential oil.

Kérastase Scrub Apisant Soothing Scalp Scrub, $50.00 MSRP

Kérastase Scrub Énergisant Purifying Scalp Scrub

This deeply purifying and energizing scalp scrub is formulated with sea salt, vitamin B6, and salicylic acid to help oily scalps.

Kérastase Scrub Énergisant Purifying Scalp Scrub, $50.00 MSRP

Spa-Like Services

There’s nothing like heading to the spa for a relaxing soak and massage after a rough week—and after a long week of tight hairstyles, flat irons, and styling products, your strands could use a similar trip to the spa. While a soak and a massage may not be what your mane is missing, salons have begun rolling out spa-like hair services that promise to make your strands like as shiny and refreshed as ever.

Kérastase is leading the charge with K Water, the first-ever professional salon treatment featuring the breakthrough lamellar technology. This new technology allows the treatment to instantly resurface your hair strands to make them appear smoother, feel more moisturized, and have incredible shine, all with a never-before-seen formula. Unlike traditional deep conditioning treatments, which typically come in thick, creamy formulas that can over-coat the hair, K Water has an incredibly lightweight water-like formula that won’t weigh down your strands, no matter how fine they are.

The caring agents in K Water go to work when the formula comes in contact with wet hair. Once activated, the agents arrange themselves to form a very thin layer on the hair, individually hugging each strand. This precise application allows the formula to care for the needs of each strand, targeting damage and irregularities. What you’re left with is smooth, glass-like hair that looks and feels healthy and is easy to style. The best thing about K Water is that it takes just a few seconds to apply, so whether you’re making an appointment for a day-long transformation or a quick blowout, your stylist will have more than enough time to apply the treatment.


Another trend taken straight from our skincare routines, hair serums provide concentrated and targeted results that address many different hair concerns much like face serums. Unlike hair oils, which penetrate the hair shaft, serums sit on top of the hair and coat the strands to make your hair look and feel better instantly.

Much like the serums we use on our face, no two serums are alike, so you’ll want to keep your hair concerns in mind when trying to find the right one for you. Are you battling frizz? Breakage? Dull, lackluster locks? Do you have thick locks? You’ll want a serum heavy enough to coat your plentiful locks. On the other hand, you’ll want a lightweight hair serum that won’t weigh down your locks if your hair is thin.

In search of a serum to add to your routine? The editor-approved Kérastase’s Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum works overnight and is suitable for all hair types.


No beauty routine is complete without a primer—and the same goes for hair. Hair primer is a lot like a makeup primer. It prepares your hair to be the perfect canvas for your hairstyling desires. Much like makeup primers that make your face look and feel smooth to help make your makeup application a breeze, many hair primers are formulated to make sure your hair feels manageable and styles easily.

Just like the best face primers blur imperfections, create a smooth service, and make your skin glow, the best hair primers address more than one hair concern. I’m obsessed with multipurpose formulas like Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk. Don’t believe me? Check out the review.

Now you’ve got everything you need to take care of your mane just as well as you take care of your gorgeous face!

Interested in more personalized hair care advice? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you

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