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The Undercut Is Making A Major Comeback This Spring

woman with an undercut

Celebrities have one of the largest influences on beauty trends. Whether they flaunt their style on social media or debut a new look on the red carpet, everyone looks to celebrities to see what is in style.

So when a certain child actress turned superstar singer recently debuted an edgy undercut on social media, we just knew everyone was going to want to get in on the action. If you’re inspired and considering an undercut of your own, we’ve got everything you need to know to help you make your decision. Undercuts are back and they’re better than ever!

What is an undercut?

An undercut is a hairstyle in which the hair in the middle of the head is kept long while the sides and the back of the head (or both areas) are shaved low. Undercuts have been a popular style for men for decades, but they became trendy for women in the early 2000s when celebrities began wearing the style on the red carpet.

The style has recently regained popularity and received a much needed modern update. While the undercuts you remember from years ago often made styling and growing out your hair a nightmare, the 2017 undercut is much more minimal and discreet. Still not convinced? We’ve come up with four reasons why now is the perfect time to finally take the plunge, head to the salon, and get the undercut you’ve always wanted.

Undercuts are unique.

Long locks are nice, but chances are good you’ll end up with a haircut that looks just like everyone else's.

While a simple shaved undercut is an excellent way to elevate your style, consider asking your stylist to shave your undercut in an interesting geometric shape or even add a design. The ability to customize your undercut specifically to your wants and needs guarantees you’ll end up with an exceptionally flattering ’do.

They’re perfect for thick locks.

Having thick hair is often a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’ve got plenty of hair to pull off any look your heart desires. On the other, all of that hair is seriously heavy. So heavy, in fact, that it sometimes makes every day styles like ponytails and buns a headache-inducing nightmare. We know you’ve considered cutting off your locks more than once (if for no other reason than to lighten the load on the top of your head). But if you’re not ready to part ways with your precious locks but are looking for relief, an undercut is a great solution.

If you limit your undercut to the nape of your neck, you will get rid of some much-despised weight. The style will only be visible when you feel like showing it off. If you’re looking to get rid of even more hair, consider asking for a much larger undercut at the nape of your neck or even the side of your head.

They cut your drying and styling time in half.

This one is kind of obvious, but with less hair, you’ll shave some major drying and styling time off your routine.

They’re discreet.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and shave off large sections of your hair, a delicate undercut at the nape of the neck is perfect for you. When your hair is down, no one will be able to see your shaved hair. Then, when you’re ready to show off the latest addition to your style, simply pile your hair on top of your head to put your undercut on display.

Not sure which undercut is right for you? We’ve rounded up eight photos of our favorite undercuts to inspire you for your next trip to the salon—or barbershop! We guarantee you’ll love your new ’do so much, you’ll wonder why you didn’t shave your mane sooner!

Arrow Undercut

This undercut is perfect for anyone beginning to experiment with undercut designs. The design is simple but adds an interesting visual element to the style.

Rainbow Undercut

Undercuts allow you to play with hair designs, as well as color! Upgrade your undercut by asking your stylist to create a multicolored design.

Intricate Arrow Undercut

If you love the look of the arrow undercut but are looking for something a bit more detailed, this intricate arrow undercut is perfect for you.

Subtle Undercut

This undercut is perfect for anyone with short hair looking to make a small but significant change to their style. This small undercut almost blends in with the rest of your hair, but adds an interesting visual element to your ‘do.

Lightning Bolt Undercut

Hair designs aren’t just for the back of your head. If you’re looking for a showstopping design, look no further than this lightning bolt undercut. The design begins on the side of your head and makes its way to the back for a final style that looks breathtaking from every angle.

Zig Zag Undercut

Undercuts are often touted as a discreet way to switch up your style. However, they only have to be discreet if you want them to be. Make your undercut the center of attention with an eye-grabbing zig zag design. Take your design to the next level by coloring every zig zag a different hue. This style is not for the faint of heart, but those willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with endless compliments.

Clean Shaven Undercut

Most undercuts leave about a quarter inch of hair—but you’re not most people. Take your undercut to the next level by opting for a completely clean shaven look.

Side Undercut

While undercuts are usually placed on the back of the head, they look just as stunning on the side. Side undercuts look great with hair of all lengths, but we think it pairs perfectly with a side swept pixie cut.

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