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Look and feel your best on the most romantic day of the year. Get ready to fall in love with these 12 Valentine’s day hairstyles for black hair.

12 Flirty and Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Black Hair

Look and feel your best on the most romantic day of the year. Get ready to fall in love with these 12 Valentine’s day hairstyles for black hair.
12 Flirty and Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Black Hair

Cornrows, twist-outs, bantu knots: There’s no shortage of cute hairstyles for black hair. But special occasions call for special hairstyles, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Whether you're planning a cozy night in or a glamorous evening out, your hairstyle can set the mood and make that special someone’s heart beat faster. From lovey-dovey to femme fatale, we have you covered with our list of 12 Valentine’s Day hairstyles for black hair that will suit any vibe.

12 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Black Hair

Good hair day by @kristina.manners

Side-Part Ponytail

Nothing says romance like a flirty side-parted ponytail. Paired with a cat-eye and a pink lip, this ‘60s-inspired look will add a touch of vintage charm to your date. Start by parting your hair on the side and separating a front section for the side bang. Smooth down the side bang with a strong, fast-drying hairspray like Matrix Freezing Spray Extra Hold and secure it with chunky barrettes above your ear. Tie the rest of the hair into a sleek high ponytail to amplify the retro aesthetic. Don’t forget to give the end of the pony some love—Mizani 25 Miracle Nourishing Hair Oil is a great option for a smooth, high-shine finish.

Good hair day by @madisonsullivanhair

Half-Up Twist

There’s something sexy about hairstyles that look effortless, and this tousled half-up look fully captures that essence. After you wash and prep your hair, take small sections from either side of your part line, twist them, and pin them together in the back with bobby pins (or a bejeweled barrette). As a finishing touch, pull out a couple of face-framing pieces for an extra romantic feel.

Good hair day by @bycarlamarcelle

Curly Bun With Edge Styling

You’re probably familiar with the pineapple bun as a casual look, but this low-key style can be elevated, too. The secret to nailing this simple updo is to create contrast: keep the front sleek and the ends curly and fluffy. Form a bun at the top of your head just like you would for a pineapple bun, but leave out a small section of hair in front. Then, pull the front section to the side to create a dramatic side bang, and swirl and sleek down your edges on the other side. Use a gel like Biolage Professional’s Curl Defining Elixir to lock everything in place and enjoy your romantic—and easy—Valentine’s Day hairstyle.

Good hair day by @naeemahnaajidah

Sleek and Curly Updo

This is another sleek and curly updo that makes for a great Valentine’s Day hairstyle. It features a slicked “hair headband” around the face, with the rest of your coils worn loose and bouncy. To create your headband, create a center part and separate a two-inch section of hair on either side of your part. Use an edge brush to smooth the sections down, adding Mizani’s Lived-In Sculpting Paste as needed for hold. Join the pieces at the nape of your neck and tie with an elastic. Next, pull the remainder of your hair into a ponytail and secure with a claw clip to bring your stunning and voluminous curls upwards. Finish by taking two tendrils of hair from the back and twisting them towards your face to soften the ‘do.

Good hair day by @hairbybradleyleake

Ribbon Updo

We’re sure the hopeless romantic in you will adore this cute Valentine’s Day hairstyle for black hair. And if you’re into the coquette aesthetic right now, a ribbon is just what you need to underscore the feminine look. Create a high ponytail at the crown of your head and use a strong hold gel like Redken Max Sculpting Gel to smooth down the front section of hair. Twist the ponytail into a loose bun, letting the ends of your curls fall toward your face, and tie everything together with a ribbon headband (pink, if you really want to lean into the V-Day vibes).

Good hair day by @thehairbruja_emi

Pink Highlights

Changing the color of your locks to celebrate special occasions is one of the joys of having fantasy hair—so, of course, you need a pink transformation for Valentine’s Day. If you already have a bleached base, going to your colorist to add or switch colors should be simple. But if you’re looking for a reason for a makeover, this may just be your loving sign. Make sure to treat your curls with strengthening products such as Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate 5-Min Liquid Mask to repair and protect your curls from chemical damage.

Good hair day by @liplocd

Locs Ponytail

Locs have been around since ancient times, but the storied protective style is finally getting the love it deserves, thanks to a flurry of social media tutorials. Locs (also known as dreadlocks) involve twisting and locking sections of hair together to create an intentionally matted appearance. Once they’re in, you have many styling options to choose from—including this high, flirty ponytail that reminds us of a certain petite pop star. Just keep in mind that locs are a commitment: Check out our article, The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Locs, to learn how to slay this style.

Good hair day by @this.afrothing

Sleek Bun

A sophisticated Valentine’s Day date calls for an equally chic sleek low bun with a middle part. A generous amount of Mizani’s True Textures Twist and Coil Jelly will help prevent flyaways and lock the slick style into place as you flirt the night away.

Good hair day by @monaeartistry

Braided Pony

Take your Valentine’s Day look to new heights with this high braided pony. Begin by brushing all your hair back and forming a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two equal sections and braid each one into a tight jumbo braid, securing the ends with small hair ties. Add pearl accents throughout your braids for the perfect date-night-ready finishing touch. Then, set the style with a strong hold hairspray and get ready to turn heads.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Box Braids

Box braids are way more than just a protective style. If you’re the kind of woman who feels the hottest and most empowered with freshly braided hair, of course, you’ll want to bring that goddess energy to the most romantic day of the year. We love using Kerastase Nutri-Supplement Scalp Serum to nourish and soothe the scalp before and after braiding the hair.

Good hair day by @mizani

Half Ponytail

This half pony with a light pink silk scrunchie is the epitome of a cute Valentine’s Day hairstyle for black hair. Achieving this sweet and effortless look is simple: section off the top half of your hair and gather it at the crown of your head, securing it with a statement scrunchie.

Good hair day by @kensthetic_

Two-Strand Twist Out

If you prefer keeping your hair down but still want to do something different, two-strand twists are a swoon-worthy choice for a day spent celebrating love. Start by dividing your hair into about ten smaller sections (five or so on each side). Split each section of hair into two and twist them around each other to create the twist-out effect. Using a curly hair jelly to keep your hair in the twists eliminates the need to tie each twist with an elastic—Mizani True Textures Curl Define Pudding works wonders for this.

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